Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wonky Wednesday

The snow is falling outside, just lightly dusting the car and driveway. It is such a beautiful thing (as long as you don't have to drive in it!). I grew up around here, back in the days when we had REAL weather. When the snow in winter was constant and would drift so high you couldn't get out the doors of the house. Great times, we'd make popcorn and not have school and make blanket forts in the dining room. It stayed a lot colder a lot longer too. It isn't like that anymore. I can't believe that I have reached that time in my life where I'm saying..."Why, when I was your age...." lol

Had a nice supper of season appropriate vegetables and marinated tofu, served on a bed of thin sliced cabbage sauteed in butter with cracked black pepper, fresh ground. It felt right. I find that to be true with brown rice as well...when I eat it, some part of my cellular composition says "mmmmmmmmm, yea, that's it.' I'm trying to eat a little more macrobiotically, I guess I can call it. Much of the food on the plate came from my garden. It was mostly seasonal. And it was all organic. I should have made a cup of white miso soup to go with it....

Dear husband and I watched the telly after supper a bit and then he was off to bed. He gets up at 5, and is one of those people that require a certain amount of sleep or can barely function. If I went to bed at 9 PM, I'd be up at 2. I don't sleep well for a couple of reasons, and one of my goals this year is to try to get my endocrine system back on track, as I think my thyroid is part of the problem. My hormones are all screwed up as well, as a result of the uterine cancer and hysterectomy some years ago. The alternatives of HRT are not an option for me, but I do need to take supplements and do some other dietary things that would definitely help. I also need to quit talking about it and get to the chiropractor. My back is severely out of alignment, I can tell. When I had my Ubiquitous Event, my pelvis was crushed and my hip broken, and I have been unbalanced ever since. *grin SO I need to get adjustments from time to time. The dumb part is that I get it fixed for awhile and then I feel better and then I wait way too long to go back.

Well, I have some pretty great reasons to be grateful today. Blessed to be sober first, as always, because without that I have nothing. Blessed that I have good friends on their way for a visit, from Akron. They are in Indianapolis now, sleeping over. Blessed that I have a roof overhead, heat and food in my fridge. Blessed to be able to blog...and that includes having a computer and having internet access and being able to read and write.

Blessed to have my furry family asleep at my feet. Blessed to have friends. Blessed to be a child of God...Blessed to know love.



steveroni said...

I'm just musing (again!)...the things we learn when we just keep reading...Wow.

And I love Namaste...I should use that instead of "I love, etc.", which can easily be misunderstood. Namaste is, to me, the truest of loves, because it is completely free of contaminating 'emotionals'...IMO.
Steve E.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

I was reading somewhere that your body metabolizes seasonally appropriate fruits and veggies best... Isn't that interesting...? So you are on the right track!