Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Singular Saturday

Cold cold cold today...don't think the mercury went over 30. It was grey and blustery and I can't remember the sun peeking out at all.
The kind of day where you just eat soup and get in the house and try to not open the door any more than necessary. The kind of day where the dogs go out, and then bark to come right back in. They stay in until they have forgotten just how cold it is out there, and the scenario repeats itself.

I have the silliest case of hiccups that don't want to go away.... it isn't easy to use a keyboard with the hiccups. One makes all sorts of typos and then has to constantly go back and repair the mistakes. It's rather funny except that it's such a pain in the arse.

I have been on the phone a lot tonight...calls from people going through various life on life's terms problems. A big shot of gratitude this stuff gives me...I am so glad that I do not have ex-husband problems, child custody problems, marital problems, mental health issues, housing problems, work related problems, drinking and drugging problems....I sure can see just how good my life is today. This morning in the meeting we read about half of the chapter "There Is A Solution". I remember at one of my first meetings, some guy said to me..."You got a problem. We got a solution." I'm guessing there were at least 50 people there today. This time of year, this kind of economy, --all things that contribute to a swelling of the ranks of Alcoholics Anonymous. Several newcomers, several in their first 3 months...several oldtimers. Lots in between. A good mix.

I'm going to bed soon. Made a lovely garlic cheese potato, oven fried chicken, and baby peas dinner tonight. Have a few dishes to wash up and then I'm snoozing.

We bought me a new memory foam pillow today. Can't wait to sleep on it and see if it helps with this shoulder problem I'm having. Keep your fingers crossed for me!



steveroni said...

Memory foam pillow? Will it remember your dreams?

I don't know if I'd like my dreams recorded -grin...anywhere!

Zanejabbers said...

Akannie, thanks for dropping by. It's good to be missed. I'll be posting again very soon.