Wednesday, January 1, 2020

First Day of a new Decade

  Here we sit. Precipice of a new year. Not particularly excited about it, but not dismayed either.  Curious to see how it all plays out, considering the state of the world and of this country.  I do believe that even in the darkness, the light will prevail.  That love wins over hatred, although it may not look like it at times. That there is hope for humanity, no matter how bleak things appear from time to time.  I am generally an optimistic person, and hope that doesn't change...

  We had a lovely quiet Xmas and New Years.  Friends and family for a Xmas Eve supper, and then just himself and my son and I for our traditional Steak and lobster supper.  And as I was cleaning up my plate, I realized I didn't take one picture of that magnificent spread.  NY strip steak, lobster tail, skewered shrimp. Caesar salad and aglio y olio and fresh baked Italian bread. We ate until we were full as ticks and still managed to barely stay up long enough to welcome in the new year. We never go out for NY Eve.  

  No particular resolutions for this year, other than trying to practice better self care and live an authentic life.  Something I do strive for, and probably do better than I think.  My diet needs cleaning up, my weight is an issue, and these things are in the back of my mind.  In 5 days I will turn 67 years old, and I must say, it's been a ride. lol  When I look at it all from a historical perspective, it's amazing that I'm in as good shape as I am. So there's that.  And when I get real, I could be a lot better physically and I know it.  Mostly I intend to be a little gentler with myself and try to stay grateful and happy.  I have lived longer now than either of my parents (mom died at 55 and dad at 60) and sometimes that's a little freaky to think about. 

  All in all, living lightly on this planet, doing what little good I can for others,  and cultivating more love in the garden of my heart... these are things that are important to me.  Family.  Food.  Love. Laughter. Simple things, to be sure.  But in my little corner of the world, it is enough. I hope to have chickens again this year and plant a garden. That's been missing from  my life for over 2 years.  I need it back.  So I'll do whatever I have to.  I may have to do it on my own, but maybe not.  This winter I have been feeding wild birds and they eat like crazy, but provide me with so much joy.  Every day out there I am blessed with cardinals, sparrows,wrens, titmice, woodpeckers (3 kinds) juncos, chickadees, and probably a few others I can't recall.  The weather is bizarre-- 51 today. I'm going out to enjoy it while it lasts.  Happy New Year, everyone.