Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Come out, come out...wherever you are...

   Somedays it feels as though I am in a tunnel, rushing forward through time...Dip, dodge, duck and dive. Life flying at me from all directions. And then, suddenly, it stops. Dead still. Unmoving.

 The shock from that is enough to throw a girl off her feed.I'm trying to think of anything that's happened the last few months that was so earth shattering that I'd stop blogging. But I can't. There wasn't anything really. I've spent the last months healing, recovering, and being a slow and contemplative kind of person. Sort of.  I've been laying low and hiding out some. I've been dealing with some other issues. My car blew the engine.(240K miles. It was bound to happen sooner or later).  It took me a whole month to get another car, because I wanted something I could buy outright and not have a car payment. Still trying to dig our way out from under the massive medical bills from the last 3 years. My choice to get this older used car...just tired of having to pinch every penny to make it through the month. So--reduced insurance bill and no car payment--works for me. lol

  My son's step brother had a 1997 Chevy malibu that he would sell me for 1100 dollars. Has had lots of work done on it and he wanted to do some other work too *brakes, water pump, etc) to make sure it was a good car for me. I appreciate that. But it took them a MONTH to get everything done.So I was stuck out here (more or less) in the sticks with no transportation to speak of. Amazingly enough--I didn't die. lol  I also didn't do much of anything else. Still recovering from February's knee replacement. Having some other health issues of late.  Some old stuff resurfacing, some new and exciting stuff (not).  Feeling face to face some days with being in my 60's. For instance, in about an hour I have a chiropractor appointment to try to deal with this damned occipital neuralgia that has been killing me for over a week now.  Had an appt last Wed too, and it didn't help much. I have dealt with this for years and usually it's a 2 or 3 day thing. Never lasts this long. My fear is that the degenerative discs in my neck are teetering on oblivion. Let's hope not. I am SO not up for another surgery right yet. And I have always said I would NEVER let them cut my neck, but this pain is pretty rough.  Blah.

 On a bright note, here is my new car...

That's her...my $1100.oo car. Well, 1500.00 now, with the work I've had done in the past 2 days. But still... beats the heck out of 5 years of car payments. AND my insurance went down 5 dollars. lol Winner winner chicken dinner !!

 So, the day is winding down and the chiropractor is either killing me or curing me and right now I'm not sure which it is.  It still hurts, and he said it might for 24 hours. Seems the C-2 vertebrae and the C-1 vertebrae are twisted in different directions, causing the base of my skull to pinch the nerve. The pain is a little less intense than it was, I think. Ugh..

  I made a lovely vegetarian Pad Thai with peanuts and fresh basil for supper.  We ate and watched some Firefly and then took a little drive. When we came back, we walked into the backyard and watched the fireflies decorating the treetops like Xmas lights--it was breathtaking. Our little drive through the country saw lots of them in the fields and trees, as well as a Song Dog (coyote) trotting through the soybeans.  It was hot today and muggy and the garden is overgrown with weeds (well, the tomatoes anyway--everything else that got put in is mulched). The yard needs mowing and the house needs cleaning and some days it's so overwhelming I just want to stay in bed.  But...I don't.  I just keep putting one foot in front of the other, trying to outwit Mother nature and keep my basic needs met.

  That's a full time job, sometimes...