Sunday, June 2, 2024

Almost old as dirt...



   It's Sunday June 2nd. It's a beautiful day with lots of sun after a week of off and on stupid amounts of rain.  I have puttered about and done a bit of laundering, a bit of critter care and a bit of fooding. It's 3 PM now, and considering I didn't go to bed last night until after 2:30 and then didn't get up until almost noon... I'd say I've acccomplished a lot.  lol   Or certainly enough for a Sunday.  I'm such a heathen... about the only thing I have taken from Christianity is their " Sunday Day of Rest" thingee.  lol  And Love one another. Which I do a better job of some days than others.  Oh well.   It's all a matter of perspective. Such is life. 

  I am looking at all the things that need doing around here and are not getting done, things I CAN and CANNOT do myself.  It's disheartening. My little front [guest] bathroom has the floor falling in for about 5 months now, a little worse every day. Haven't been using it all .  My son is going to fix it next week, he brought most of the materials in today while we were having tuna salad sandwiches for lunch. I tried other avenues but couldn't get anyone, so he said he's do it.  He's on vacation this week.  Every time he offers to do something, someone in this house gets their panties in a bunch, even though that person has no intention of doing any of it.  Today it pissed me off. I'm pretty sure I told him it was happening, but he doesn't remember.  So after slamming about a bit, I came back here to offer some prayers and meditations to whatever gods might be listening. I got the kitchen cleaned up. I have a small basket of his work clothes on the table to be folded. Peeled the rest of the medium boiled eggs that didn't go in the tuna salad.  Still clenching my teeth and muttering.  So... Bless him and change me. Bless him and change me.  Bless him and change me. 

  It's gotten me thinking about the life I live and the spiritual growth I have barely managed so far in my 71.5 years on the planet.  Almost 34 of those years sober.  You'd think I'd be better than this by now.  I'd hoped I'd be better than this by now. But as with most things, it is what it is and I better get used to it. Or change it.  So what can I do to change the things I can ?   Talk to someone else about it to get a clearer view. Pray for everyone involved, and that includes me. Start taking steps to clarify my intentions, no matter what anyone else thinks they know.  Considering the amount of stress and physical and neurological changes going on here due to health issues and AGE, (and certain character defects) it might help to write things down and post them on the refrigerator or somewhere.  So there's no argument about what was or wasn't said.  And I guess I'm done with this rant. My blood pressure feels lower and I am breathing quietly and the noise inside my head has stopped. Mostly.

  So, Sunday. I have more things to do, one of which is getting back to reading another Michael Connelly book I started called Dark Sacred Night. It's a Hieronymous Bosch detective book.  Always good stuff.  I may or may not give that man a haircut. He looks like raggedy man and has been very passive aggressive about not getting it cut. I HATE doing it. Mostly because it's not my area. I am not and have never had any training in the barber arts.  He asked me to do it and I didn't want to. That really amped up the srgument.  lol  

  That might be it for the news at Honeysuckle Hill.  Nothing exciting, lots of ridiculous and mostly just a couple of bozos trying to wind their way through a life road filled with potholes.

   Whatcha gonna do ??