Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Is it safe to come out yet ???

April Fool's Day is over...and I think it's safe to come out. lol  Actually there weren't many pranks or jokes in my world this year, aside from a few tRump jokes.  The kind of people I know usually go all out for this special day, but this year I think everyone is so fizzled out from the winter sick and bad weathers that they just didn't have it in them. lol

  I've been spending my days doing weirdo things like dehydrating pineapple. In fact the loaded up 6 tray dehydrator is finishing up a batch now. The fruit has been on sale and I have so far dehydrated about 10 of them. I am finally feeling better enough to do stuff.   Moved all my furniture around one day. Got a new-to-me china hutch to put my new-to-me Pfaltzgraff set in, which meant I had to rearrange the angle of the dining room table and then rearrange all the living room too. That's what happens in these sought after (ahem-cough)  open living spaces.  But it looks good and seems to flow better and I am happy with it.  It took the dogs and that man that lives here a few days of grumbling and glares before finally getting used to the change. lol  But you know the saying..."When mama's happy, everybody's happy" and so it was.  It's quite pretty, the new stuff. I got the dishes for a hundred dollars, a huge set with all kinds of extra matching pieces and stuff like linen napkins, potholders, dish towels, candle holders... the woman I bought it from had obviously been collecting it for a long time.  I think she said she got the starter set when she got married. And it was her 30+ year old sons that loaded all the boxes into my little car.  (I was never that kind of a girl.)

  I got the hutch from a woman here in town selling things off because she and her husband were moving to Texas where it's warm and her grandbabies live. lol  Fifty bucks. Yay for me.

  So that's about the gist of it here on Honeysuckle Hill. I have started doing a little outside work. Weather has been hit and miss, warm and rainy, but it's a start. I haven't got the chicks yet and need to get on that before they're all gone. The Irishman is dragging his feet about it, so a friend of mine came over and we walked around the coop and took some measurements and talked about some ideas.  She wants to keep a couple of chickens here too, as she now lives in a place where she can't have them. Same with a garden, so I told her we could easily share crop if she wants to come help me with that. She has RA and has some limitations, but she's amazing and persistent-- between the two of us, we're almost a whole person. lol  It will be a win/win if we actually do that...

  The summer is shaping up to be busy, we have 2 family reunions, an area assembly and a speaking engagement  to fill it up. As well as my sober birthday and our 27th anniversary. And that's just June. We might try to turn the second family reunion (in Wisconsin) into a mini-vacation. A couple of years ago we did that...followed the Mississippi north, went to Hannibal MO (home of Mark Twain)  and Stillwater MN (Took a paddlewheel riverboat dinner cruise) and stopped at all kinds of places in between, including a cool set of caves that we hiked through. We're pretty simple folks, and easy to amuse.  lol

 In the meantime, there's weeds to pull and wisteria and Rose of Sharon to prune. Today is my volunteer at the AA office  day (every other Tuesday for 4 hours, no biggie).  I have a meatloaf in the oven for himself's supper and some leftover mashed potatoes to go with that. A vegetable and he's set, since I won't be here. After the office thing I'm going out to eat and then to a mtg to see a friend get her sobriety coin. I was out last night to, so I am really looking forward to Wednesday when I can stay home all day and night.  It's supposed to hit 60 today, the river is rising and the creeks are running over their banks and once it warms up north of us it's gonna be crazy. We live high and dry, so it doesn't affect us except when we have to go south. 

 Have a titillating Tuesday campers.   I KNOW you will...