Monday, April 23, 2018

Keep Calm... spring is coming !

The daisies aren't quite this lush yet, but I am hopeful.  lol  These are in my backyard, down by the bird feeders. I planted the originals (which have spread every year) to cover some areas  I didn't want to mow.  :)  The promise of spring is an amazing tonic during the cold dark winter months, and this year it has been like a dangling carrot, bribing us forward step by step through this seemingly endless winter.  The irises are up, about 4 inches tall in some places. The trees are leafing out, as are the honeysuckle vines and the lilacs. The peach tree is covered in sweet pink blossoms.  Makes me feel a little more certain that as May approaches, we may actually see some spring.  The temps have  been a little warmer the past few days and yesterday and today we have some showers and mid fifties temperatures. I need some sun.  We all need some sun.

  The yucko-bug has hit the husband and he has been sick for over a week now. Bad cough and I am hoping that he won't pass it back to me. It's been a rough winter here on the Hill as far as respiratory ailments go.  I'm feeling better but the cough lingers...which is the main complaint I hear from everyone who's had it (and that's a lot of folks).  I'm trying to pace myself with all the stuff going on and running around I have to do. Generally it's go a day, take  a couple of stay home days. I have 2 big projects I need to start, but am not feeling quite ready to start them. lol  So... I am hopeful that one day I will wake up all bright eyed and bushy tailed and get busy. (HEY! It could happen...). We'll see how that works. 

 The diet is going along slowly.  But I have lost 17 pounds.  So that's something I suppose. And I am wearing jeans I haven't been able to fit into for a few years. I'll take it. It's a healthier way to eat, all in all. I'm going to start eating some fruit that I've been avoiding though, because my body feels like it needs that. But no sugar, no flour, no rice (mostly) or pasta.  The inflammation in my joints is down. I am off the blood pressure medications as well as the arthritis meds.  So, I keep on keeping on. Tonight I am going to oven fry some pork loin chops for supper, with a nice salad and some green beans  or broccoli.  Tomorrow night we will feast on zucchini noodles (Zoodles) with marinara and home made meatballs. And salad. It isn't hard to eat this way really. Just that sometimes you want bruschetta.  lol  Experimenting with using coconut and almond flours.  New things to learn. Made some low carb peanut butter cookies the other night. Meh. lol  But like so may things, it's a matter of getting used to a slightly less sweet product.

  We still haven't taken the plastic off the garden beds and haven't planted a thing. Trying to reconfigure  the crops we plant, since there are a few things we are no longer eating so it's silly to plant them. Thinking specifically of spuds, of course. Things to think about.  More cruciferous vegetables, less carbohydrate rich starchy ones. We need to sit down and figure it out. I'd love to grow a ton of cauliflower this year and rice it and freeze it. But it's a late planting plant here I think.  I haven't grown it since we lived here because the summers are so hot.

  Well, I feel like taking a nap instead of straightening up the house and making supper. I have somewhere to be at 7:30, so I have to map it all out or I'll be late. Takes about half an hour to get anywhere from here.  But it's only 3 PM. I could sneak in a nap and a shower and do some minor straightening when I get up. And then do some more tomorrow.  Part of my lazy is the gloomy rainy weather. Part of it I was away from home yesterday for over 8 hours, doing some stuff.  Playing a little catch-up today.  

  See ya later, taters.  I'm off for a nap. (But I'll set the alarm to make sure I get up in a timely manner). lol  Hasta Luegos, babeeees...