Friday, December 4, 2020

Wait ?? What ??? Where did the last 3 months go ???


  Good grief.  I haven't posted since September.  I don't know where I've been or what I was doing, but it apparently wasn't here. 

  Truth is I have been on the run a little again.  Only to cardiac rehab, but still.  3 times a week, a one hour drive there and back. And all the stuff in between.  But now I have abandoned the trip to that hospital 3x a week because the covid virus is spiking like crazy in that county and I am not willing to risk it, especially in a hospital setting where everyone, visitors and patients, employees and vendors are all coming in the same entrance, using the same elevators and restrooms. So now I haven't left the house in a bit, except for one trip to the grocery.  

  Trying to make sure my food stocks are appropriate, and that I have all my ducks in a row for the coming winter.  I've ordered a few Xmas gifts online for front porch delivery.  We don't buy a lot anyway, so that was easy. My pantry and freezer is full. I will probably make a few curbside pickup orders from Aldis throughout, as my husband can easily get them on his way home from work.  

 About ready to maybe put up some Xmas decos.  I usually wait until the middle of the month and then leave them all up until after my birthday.  Jan 6th is the Twelfth Day of Xmas. It will also be my 68th trip around the sun.  2020 has been what it's been, and I am not sorry to see it go.  lol  Anyway, I still have some lifting limitations, so the weekend has himself here to carry the totes in from the garage. Every year I put up less and less decorations.  My husband used to say that it looked like Father Xmas had vomited all over our house.  lol  Now it's a tabletop tree and some of my Santa collection mostly.  A few other things here and there. The less I put out the less I have to put away. There's that.  lol  I have a few pine and cinnamon candles to complete the ambiance.  Good enough. But sometimes I still miss the old days...

  The pandemic is still roaring around us. I stopped going to the cardiac rehab at the hospital because that county has a crazy level of infections. So I am walking every other day, doing a pedal exerciser and a cardio video... all at home.  A friends parents have tested positive for covid and was at their house for Thanksgiving, so now everyone is quarantined.  2 other friends are still hospitalized with it. I have known about 8 people now who have died from it. We are all really becoming numbed to the whole thing. Some people are angry, some are depressed. Some try to act like nothing is happening and some are letting it make them crazy. Somehow we have to find the middle ground and do the right things and get through this. At my house we wear masks when we are out, keep masks, gloves AND hand sanitizer in both the cars, and use the hand sanitizer before getting out of the car and upon getting back in. And stay home as much as we possibly can. 

  I have done a little canning this week and am picking up a bunch of sweet potatoes tomorrow, so hopefully will have plenty of those to can as well as some to bake. They're from a local grower and I'm not sure just how much she has available, but I'll get as much as I can.  I canned roast beef  this past week too when I found a good sale on it.  Might pick up some more tomorrow and do another canner load, or maybe not. The pantry is looking pretty good in terms of veg/meat/grains ratios. 

  So that catches you up from Honeysuckle Hill. Oh, and at the 3.5 month mark from my heart surgery it's all systems GO, all my numbers are good, and the cardiac surgeon team AND the cardiology team don't want to see me again for a year.  Unless something comes up, and then I am to call them. So feeling pretty good all around.  I do have one more appt next week with the wound care people and then I think they will be done with me.  The wounds on my leg form the vein harvest are finally almost healed up. Grateful to be alive and feeling pretty darn healthy.

  So, stay safe, wash your hands, stay home and let this bitch of a pandemic  run it's course and git on outta here.