Tuesday, February 25, 2014

arrgghhh...Lulu got up on the wrong side of the bed today

Or healthy. Or not hurting. Or rested. Or, or, or... I haven't posted for a week and I can't do this now.

Maybe tomorrow...


  And now it's tomorrow. Feeling a little better...I spent a grand total of maybe 6 hours awake yesterday.  WTH ??  I am NOT a sleeper, people.   I went to bed Sunday night at 10:30--that was weird enough, about 4 hours earlier than normal.  I slept until 7 AM.  Got up, made some coffee, and fed animals, did a few of those always-waiting-for-me-in-the-morning-chores...didn't even finish the coffee and felt the need to return to the bedroom, where I promptly fell asleep and didn't get up again until after noon--12:30.  Oh lordy !!  I made something to eat--something kinda weird but tasted good to me. Opened a can of great Northern beans, a jar of home canned okra, onions and tomatoes and heated it up together with a handful of egg noodles. It hit the spot, once I put a little butter and black pepper in it. I walked around a little dazed and confused (lol)  and got some hamburger patties out of the freezer, took the book we're reading for group (which was last night), decided it would be easier to keep my arm propped up if I read it in bed (big mistake) read about half of the reading and fell asleep again, and didn't wake up until 5:45.  I jumped up and got dressed, put the burgers in the skillet to cook, found some wild rice in the fridge (thank you, God, for leftovers) and quickly ate a burger with most of the leftover okra stuff from my lunch poured on top of it. I fixed the Irishman a bowl with wild rice on the bottom, 2 burgers on that, and the remaining okra stuff on top of it all.  Then I proceeded to act like this is exactly what I MEANT to feed him. He bought it hook, line, and sinker. I brushed my teeth and finished dressing and we left.  When he finished his supper in the car on the way there, he said--wow, that was really good.  Mmm-hmmm, I said...


  And now it's Tuesday.  I slept another 6 hours last night. So far today, I have not found it necessary to take a nap. LOL  Don't know what that was all about--didn't/don't feel sick or anything.  This morning I have wrangled the chickens, vacuumed the floors (most of them), put some pinto beans and ham hocks on to cook. I have my volunteer stint this afternoon and won't be home til half an hour after the Irishman gets home. I am going to bake cornbread before I leave so that will be ready. In the midst of cleaning out the fridge this morning, I found 2 containers with half an onion in them, so I chopped the onions and they are now ready to go on top of the beans.  I hauled stuff out to the compost pile, washed all the containers. Had a huge sink full of dishes to wash first thing this morning, because no dishes got done yesterday. My hand is hurting from overuse, but what are you gonna do?

  I was going to run 2 other errands this afternoon before I go to the office, but decided they can wait til tomorrow. I have a chiro appointment and a massage appointment back to back tomorrow morning, so I have to be down there anyway.

 I saw the doctor last Thursday and she gave me an injection into my knee which has helped a LOT. She also wrote me a prescription for 6 massages and chiropractic treatments to help with the whiplash.  On Wednesday, I stopped by the Urgent Care because I knew my ortho guy would be there, and just wanted to ask a couple of questions. My hand/arm hurts so bad ...and people keep saying things like "It shouldn't still be hurting now" and my husband is one of them.  Making me feel like I'm being a big whiny baby about all this, but I'm telling you--it hurts. So the doc looks at me and I say--should it still hurt like this? And he gets a goofy look on his face and says--Well, yes. You BROKE it. And I said yeah, but..it REALLY hurts.  And he says, yea..you REALLY broke it. It's gonna hurt. And he says I don't wanna take the cast off early, so unless you really think there is something wrong in there, and it's not just that you're overusing it...we'll take it off next week and see. OK ? And I came away feeling much better about it. Especially after he said to tell my husband to lay off.  lol

 SO--I really have to go and get the cornbread made. Then I'm outta here for a bit.  But I'm still alive and kicking, and even sort of, well, rested.  lol


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Feels like spring the past 2 days...

Of course, it isn't.  But a girl can dream, can't she?  I can't wait to see the day lilies in bloom again.

  Temps have been in the 50's.  Skies partly sunny. The snow and ice are melting at a less than alarming rate. lol When you go into town, all the roads are clear and dry. Even most of my road is. My driveway and yard, however, are not. Where there are not rivers of water, there are ice floes. Haven't seen any polar bears yet, but it wouldn't surprise me. lol

Sigh...so it's still dangerous to be tromping around out there. I can't afford to fall again. I'm having some sort of night time attack going on...when I try to sleep I am besieged by swollen aching joints and pains. I haven't slept much the past 3 nights. Probably from inactivity, maybe from the anti-inflammatories I'm taking ?  I don't know, but it needs to stop. The neck and shoulder pain from the MVA are becoming troublesome.  I've been to the chiropractor twice. Today after I came home from a visit, I developed a headache. That isn't unusual for me when I start getting adjustments after not having one for quite a while. I'm set up for a massage too,  next Wednesday.  The tightness in my shoulder and neck is inching down my back. I'm going to try to start some tai chi tomorrow morning and see if that helps. I'm doing some mild stretching, but I need more. I feel like I need to be put on the rack and pulled.  lol

  I stopped by the ortho guy today, worried because I seem to be having lots of pain in my arm and hand. He reassured me that everything was okay, that it is going to hurt and that it's probably going to hurt for a while. The broken bone is part of it, the sprained hand is part of it and the heavy cast is part of it. And my over-using it is part of it.  Sigh...he explained the way all the tendons from my fingers are attached to the bones and why it hurts when I use them. He said I do need to keep moving them, just don't pick up heavy things or over use them even for minor things. If they start to hurt, stop whatever I am doing.  I felt better being assured by him that everything was okay.  My husband is making me feel like I'm crazy.  Doc says things are as they should be.

  Been a crazy week...2 friends of mine have lost a parent this week. One friend had a rough surgery, another friend's granddaughter is having one tomorrow. The little girl that was abducted in southern Missouri (I have friends and family down there) was found murdered, and of course everyone is in shock and outraged and talking crazy.  The hard winter had about beat everybody to a pulp, and just in time, the weather changed.  There's all kinds of cold and flu bugs making the rounds [again].  I've been out and about a little, but plan to stay home tomorrow and try to get a little house cleaning done.  I'll probably head to the womens meeting in the evening. 

 Went to a birthday celebration and then out to lunch with some friends on Tuesday--that was nice. Even got my picture taken, and amazingly, I almost like this picture (generally I don't) lol

See my pretty blue cast ?  And my beautiful friend Micki.

  We are going to another game night on Friday (this is becoming a monthly event, rotating through the homes of attendees) and is quite fun. Everybody brings some sort of foodie snack or dessert and we all have a great time generally laughing our butts off and acting like fools.  Last time I took the bacon wrapped chicken bites, but I can't do that with one hand, so I need to figure out something else for this time. I have a doctor appointment with my PCP that morning, to get a cortisone shot in my knee and hopefully prescriptions for the chiro and massage so that the insurance company will pay for them..they already said they would.  Saturday I hope to attend a speaker meeting to hear a friend tell her story (that I haven't heard yet--new friend). Sunday is  a baby shower.  Monday is our discussion group and Tuesday is my volunteer shift at the Central Service Office. Wednesday is another appt--chiro and a massage (YAY!!) and then Thursday I get my cast off and x-rays to see how it's progressing. HOPEFULLY, it will be healed enough that I can get a lighter weight brace instead of another cast--keep your fingers  crossed for me.  Thursday night, another potluck and speaker at our womens meeting.

 Good Heavens--I should never have written all that out where I could see it. It makes me tired just thinking about it !!!  lol  On the other hand, I feel blessed to have a bit of a social life and medical care. lol

 Ok--hand is starting to hurt--must mean it's time to stop writing. lol  (See how quickly I can learn to follow orders???)

  Blessings all around.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday night, and no relief in sight.

   Freezing rain coming in any minute...more snow and sleet tomorrow, they're saying.  Then, SUPPOSEDLY, it's going to warm up and stay that way for a bit. HAH !  I'll believe it when I see it. They keep promising us nice weather, and then the day before, they change the forecast again. Dangling carrots, anyone ?   Just commit me now...

  I am so tired of winter. Everyone is. Can we vote on this ?  lol  My brother in Georgia was without power from Wednesday until this evening. They're about to lose their minds down there. It's not causing a lot of hardships here...just tired of it. There is still over 14 inches of snow in my yard. The roads are clear, but nothing else is. And this stuff coming in tonight will make a nice mess.  Sigh...

  I've been really trying to take it easy the past few days.  I have done a little housework, but not much. I have done some cooking, but the guys have been doing some of  the cleanup.  I got a batch of kimchi made and it's bubbling away in the kitchen right now. I made some no-knead bread..  On Valentine's Day, I cooked steak and lobster, with a side of wild rice and quinoa, and steamed asparagus. That nearly killed me. lol  Today I vacuumed and swept up a bit.  My hands are both hurting quite a lot...the right one from the break and cast, and the left one from overuse.  I went to  a new chiropractor last Friday and have another appointment tomorrow afternoon...I like him so far. Then Friday I have an appointment with my GP to talk about my neck and shoulder injury an maybe get a cortisone shot in my knee. I'm hoping the GP will prescribe chiropractic and massage therapies--insurance said they will pay for it if there is a prescription with a defined number of visits for them.  My neck is pretty stiff and the chiropractor said that my cervical area and upper back are very tight and spasming still.  I've been trying to stretch as much as I can, but...I did feel better after the adjustment on Friday...eventually.  lol  Haven't  had an adjustment in a while, so I expected a little discomfort.

  Not too much to report from around here.  My arm and hand are itching like crazy under the cast and it stinks.  I'm going to use my Vitamix and make a creamy carrot and rice soup to take to a friend who had some nose reconstructive surgery last Friday. Bless her heart, she's miserable, and can barely eat or breathe. lol   Thought I could go by before my chiro appt.  This is all assuming the weather isn't so bad I can't safely get out. Still isn't doing anything out there so far.  Fingers are crossed...

  Hope everyone is staying warm and safe.  This has been a rough winter for everyone.   It's almost midnight and I need to finish up so I can hit the hay.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Such a Wednesday it's been...

 And so ridiculously cold the 2 days before this~~ at least today it got up to 28. Tuesday morning when  I woke up it was  -10.

 And it's been a comedy of errors the past few days...took my little car to the body shop, they don't have my name on the list, but do find the work order (saying that I'm not crazy, that I did have an appt that day). Then asked if I'd be needing a rental  (we already went through all this when I made the appointment). They called the car rental place, who showed up within 20 minutes...with a big ass pickup truck that I couldn't have climbed up into with TWO good arms. After a bit of sarcasm and frustration, they put me in a brand new huge Dodge SUV. I don't want that either, but my options are limited because they just "don't have a lot of cars available right now". It's got a keyless push button starter. He says -Have you ever driven one of these push button starters?  And I say--not since 1950. The beast got under 20 mpg, which killed me. It did ride nice, but I had a terrible time learning how to do basic things like adjust the heat, move the seat up, open the back hatch (it was the kid who carried out my groceries who knew how to do that--thanks Cody or Corey, whichever your name was). The seat belt was particularly painful for me to get hooked. It was huge and it was pretty, but I was glad to get my little car back.

  Except that they called me to come get my car at 4:40 this afternoon, in the middle of making supper, while my old neighbors were visiting.  I said, what time do you close? And she said 5 o'clock. I said, well...I live about 35 minutes away, so I'll have to come tomorrow morning.  Oh no--the insurance company won't pay for another day on the rental when your car is ready. I said, well what am I supposed to do? You know where I live--you have all that information.  Why did you  wait so late to call me ???  She proceeds to tell me that I can just put the keys to the rental through the night drop slot in the door, and they'll leave my keys in the car.  SOooo...the rental company isn't even going to know that the car is sitting here in your lot anyway ?????   I'm aggravated and resentful as I turn off the food I'm cooking, my visitors make ready to leave (graciously, I might add)  and I'm mumbling and grumbling all the way down there. It's the worst experience I have ever had with this company, and I've done business with them 3 times before.  I get there and one of the guys is still there, waiting for me. He comes out at my request and looks over the rental and notes the amount of gas in the tank for me.  I get my stuff and get in my little car...and they have washed, vacuumed, cleaned all the windows and left a long stemmed rose on the front seat. This is the stuff that keeps me coming back. All my frustration and annoyance evaporated and all was well. I got home just behind the Irishman and got supper on the table by 7.  The moral to this story is--give me flowers and I'll follow you anywhere.  LOL

  The hand is hurting, but nor quite as much. I'm being more careful about not using it so much, and sitting with it elevated  when I'm not doing anything. I'm taking Aleve for the pain, usually only once  day. If it gets horrible, I'll take a hydrocodone at night, but so far I haven't needed a lot...It's been 12 days and i still have 10 of the 20 pills left.

  Supposed to be in the 40's tomorrow. While the south is getting hit with typical midwestern weather today and tomorrow, we are on an upswing.  And not a moment too soon.

  Okay--I'm pooped and it's time for bed.  Catch you on the flip-flop !


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday...cold, grey and quiet

 I'm a little tired of winter. And snow. And ice. lol  A friend of mine is visiting southern California and keeps sending me these beautiful pictures, and although I don't think I would care to live in SoCal, I am getting antsy to live somewhere where there isn't all this. It got up to 20 today and feels like a heat wave. That is sad.

  Like many places around the country, we have had lots of extreme weather this year. It has made it hard to get around, hard to garden, hard to pay electric bills. My latest bill for winter (and I have propane heat, but do use 1 efficient electric heater in the big bathroom) was about 350 dollars. My electric bill this summer hit about the same from the air running constantly when temps were in the 100's for days on end. We keep our air set at 74 and our heat set at 68.There's apparently a propane shortage in many parts of the country now..we just got a notice that our monthly budget billing amount was going up, and they have apologized and said "Thank you for you cooperation and understanding during this challenging heating season". But our price is still reasonable...not like some.   But when they filled my tank last time, they only filled it to 60%.  It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming months.

  Recuperating. Trying really hard to not overuse my right arm now, just because I can use it some.  Driving 2 days in a row overdid it, I guess (even though I drive an automatic) because last night it hurt all night, and even with pain pills I didn't get much sleep. It's a little better this morning, and I've been taking it easy. I have some reading to do for our discussion group, and when  I snuggled in on the couch with pillows and blankets, I immediately fell asleep. lol  I took a quick ride up to the store this morning and picked up a nice pork roast. Stopped at the dollar store and picked up a few things for a friend whose down on her luck right now...laundry soap and fabric softener, shampoo and conditioner and dish soap. I feel really bad for her, and I have been there, so I know how that kind of hopelessness feels.  I also know how good it feels to be on this end of it...paying it forward, or paying it back for all the earth "angels" that have helped me in times of need. Good for me, good for her...we all win.  Anyway I also got some rubber gloves for doing dishes and keeping my cast dry. lol And bought 2 packages of home made cookies from a cub scout table at the grocery store lobby. Earning money for their blue and gold banquet.

  Came home, seasoned the roast and put it into one of those cooking bags  with red potatoes, carrots, onions and celery. Supper.  The house is filled with yummy smells of comfort food for a cold evening.

  Yesterday was the Irishman's birthday, so we went to his restaurant of choice  (a new Texas Roadhouse that opened near us).  And then to a movie at a theater we rarely patronize because it's so expensive. Saw The Monuments Men. A magnificent movie--5 stars in our opinion, though the critics only gave it two and a half.  I spent as much for the movie tickets, popcorn and soda as I did for dinner for 2 of us. That is ridiculous.  Oh well--special occasion and all that.

  Have a couple of small loads of laundry going. The Irishman says I am not to attempt folding, he will do that.   He needed work shirts and I figured since I didn't do anything yesterday, I should make an attempt at something. lol  The house is in disarray and I am trying to learn to live in it. I know it isn't life and death stuff (yet) but I always feel like I'm not doing my job when it gets like this. I know it's silly. But it's how I'm wired.  I've been through this before on a much grander scale, and I survived that. That time I was hospitalized for weeks and then unable to do anything for months. Taking little baby steps, pushing beyond the pain, doing what I thought I couldn't possibly do...that's how I survived that.  Not listening to people  who said I shouldn't and couldn't.  And don't get me wrong...I appreciate that people think they have my well being in mind. I do.  I just cannot roll over and play dead. This is only a fractured wrist. Not a heart attack.  Not brain cancer.  Not anything like that. If something hurts, I won't do it. If it doesn't, I might be okay. I will take it easy, stop when I must and go when I can. My family keeps calling and chastising me for doing stuff and they are getting on my last nerve. lol  I think that if you are like me, and you have come through some pretty dicey stuff in the past...you understand that it is very important to me that I stay on my feet. That I am willing and able.  That I don't let little things knock me down.

  That said--I know I do have lots to learn about self care and compassion for myself and just what I'm made of. I am not delusional.  Mostly.  LOL

  Alright. I am going back to the couch to read some more. Early in the morning I have to take my car to the body shop and drop it off for repairs. Then in the evening, we have our discussion group. Not going to think too far past that...

  Happy Sunday, everyone. And thanks for being my friends.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

And the cold goes on..and on, and on, and on..

...but as you can see, there was at least some sunshine, which the critters took immediate advantage of. This is big goofy Bella and old man Po.  Soaking up the rays.

  It never made it to 12 degrees today and seeing as how it started out t something insane like -5, I guess we can't complain. It was tolerable, for very short bits of time. The dogs never stayed out longer than 15 minutes at a time.  I didn't go out AT ALL. For any reason. The boy took care of the chickens and got the mail. That was about it for that. I stayed in and baked banana bread, using up the black organic bananas on the counter. They were  still fine inside-well, ripe, of course, but not bad.  Made 2 lovely loaves of banana/cranberry/almond bread. It was light and tasty and between the 3 of us, we've nearly finished off one loaf already.  I had some ground beef in the fridge that needed using, so I made a small meatloaf (just enough for one meal and the Irishman's lunch).  I also baked a pan of campfire potatoes--a layered dish of potatoes, onions, butter, cheese, salt and pepper. In summer I put them in foil and cook them on the bbq grill. On a picnic, they cook great on a campfire. Then I scoured the veggie drawer for things that needed using and cooked up a cast iron skillet full of  broccoli, mushrooms, onions, carrots, celery and spinach. It takes me awhile to slice things up, but I'm getting faster.  It was a good meal.

 SO--Wednesday I went to the doc and he checked me out, looked at the xrays and put a cast on my arm. I asked him if I could please have my fingers back, and he said sure.

Here I am. Fingers and all. When they cut the splint off, my fingers were so stiff and swollen I couldn't move them much. That got better quickly. My forearm (underside) was seriously bruised, about 2/3 of the way to my elbow. My hand was all yellow and greenish, black and blue as well.  He said that I had a serious sprain to my hand, and he wouldn't be surprised if there was some tendon damage. He said I was lucky that I had such good bones. He said if I had to break it, I did a really good job--it was a good clean break with no displacement. I will go back in 3 weeks when they will cut this cast off and redo the x-rays. If it is looking good enough to suit him, he will let me wear a wrist brace instead of another cast. He said that I should have about 85% of my normal wrist usage back by the end of this, but it wouldn't be a hundred percent for about a year. 

  I'm already hating this cast. LOL  It itches, my arm hurts, and it's unwieldy.  But I can use my fingers to help stabilize whatever I'm having to do with my left hand, and that helps a lot.  I took a nice hot bath this afternoon and nearly killed myself trying to get up in the tub. I'll not do that again...especially not when I'm here by myself. Both my knees are terribly bruised and so I couldn't easily get on my knees to get up out of the tub. Because I can't hold onto anything with one hand, it got a  dicey there for a bit. I talked myself through it and feel better clean. lol  Next time I'll just use the shower.  My back is hurting and I thought a nice soak in some Epsom salts would be good. Except I seem to be out of that.  I'm going to make a follow-up appointment with the doc from the car accident and see about getting some chiropractic treatment and some massage maybe. The insurance people said they would pay--all I have to do is have the Dr prescribe them, a certain number of each and that's what they'll pay for.  Hallelujah. It's been a rough day..in spots.

  Well, I'm going to go to bed and try to sleep. I think that tomorrow I will go out and get behind the wheel. The Irishman says the road is very passable now. I'll give it a shot. Maybe just a trial run--down to Dollar General or something.  Saturday is the Irishman's birthday, and I think we are going to check out the new Texas Roadhouse for lunch and then hit a matinee. I do need to pick him up a birthday card and plan to make him some pumpkin bread too. He doesn't really like cake, always prefers a sweet bread or a pie.

  Sweet dreams, friends...


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

..and the arm bone's connected to the...

  Okay. I know I said it was probably gonna be fun and games the next few days, but boy--was I wrong. It's been kinda horrible.  It's been a lot of pain, annoyances, frustration and crap.  It's been a few meltdowns. It's been way too much swearing and crying.  It's been an emotional roller coaster.

  I can barely dress myself.  I  can't put my combs or barrettes or ponytail holders in my hair. I can't get the lids off jars. I can't use a can opener. I can't tie my shoes.  I can't wash the dishes.  (Okay, that might not be so bad...).  I can't use the dustpan, although I am getting pretty good at wielding a broom with my one left hand.  You should have seen me trying to fold a tablecloth.  I took a long arduous shower last night. Hubby wrapped the splint up real good so no water could get in...it was heaven.

  The splint inside where my fingers poke out is itching like crazy. And it's starting to smell. It's driving me crazy. My arm itches horribly.

  And maybe the worst part is...when I'm outside, I'm afraid. Afraid of falling. Afraid of hitting my arm on something.

  And, of course, it hurts. And it hurts in 2 or 3 different places, which scares me. I have a pretty high pain threshold and this is killing me at times. I pulled out the xrays and can see the break...but there is pain in one or two other places that aren't where that break is.  And here's the other part of this story:

  At urgent care, they gave me instructions and told me to call an ortho first thing Monday morning. They recommended one, but told me I could go to anyone I chose, just go. Well, bright and early I start calling, but nobody seems to be as excited about all this as I am.  My first choice goes to VM, I dutifully leave my info and sit back and wait. When I haven't received a call back in 2.5 hours, I start to panic, and call another one.  They can't get me in until NEXT WEEK. But, but..I sputter--my wrist is broken !  Cluck cluck, my my--it's the best we can do.  Then I call the one that the clinic recommended, even though I don't want the guy they recommended. I ask about one of the other doctors there, but she [snottily] inform me that I have to see Dr X, because he's the one on weekend call.  ?????????????  But it's Monday. "Well, it wasn't Monday when you broke it, was it ?"  WHAT !?!?!?!?!  So, I begrudgingly say okay, because I have to see somebody, right ?   She says he'll see me Thursday. I almost scream at her that I broke it on Saturday...and she icily says  (I kid you not) TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.  By now I am nearing meltdown and I swear am trying to control myself...and mumble I'll take it and get off the phone and I cry.  And my hand hurts.  And I go lay on the couch with my fleece blanket and I cry.

  Know this about me : it [usually] takes a lot to make me cry. But I am hurting and vulnerable and scared.

  Then the phone rings and it is my first choice, Dr. Shepperson's office, returning my call. And she says that the dr pulled my records and xrays already, and wants to see me ASAP...however, the report from Urgent Care said there was a lot of swelling, and he wants to give it a couple of days for that to go down before he casts it. He is in surgery all day Tuesday, and is at the satellite office on Wednesday, so the soonest he can see me is Thursday. I ask where the satellite office is and she says it's at the Urgent Care building.That's closer to me, I say.(And a day sooner--I don't say).  She goes away a minute to ask him if they have all the stuff there he would need for me and BOOM! I now have an appointment for tomorrow. With the dr I wanted . 20 minutes closer to my house. and she was so nice, I almost cried again.


  And this morning it started snowing and hasn't stopped. So far we have probably close to 9 or 10 inches. They have actually been down our road at least twice with the snow plow and salt truck. The snow is supposed to stop overnight...say a PRAYER THAT WE CAN GET OUT BY TOMORROW AFTERNOON AND GET TO THE DOCTOR.  (Sorry about the caps, lol, but I just can't go back and redo it...it's taking forever as it is...this one handed one finger typing is for the birds.)

  The sling is really hurting my neck and shoulder injuries from the accident on the 21st, so I'm not using it much.

  Last night I made a batch of chili for supper and couldn't open the cans of chili beans. The boy came in and did it for me. Tonight I pulled a package of chicken thighs out of the freezer, baked them, boiled some red potatoes with the jackets on, and opened a jar of home canned green beans.  I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Also did 2 loads of laundry. In between, I laid around, read, watched a movie and was on the computer.

All with my right arm in the air...keeping that bad boy elevated.

  'Cause that's how I roll.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

She fought the ice..and the ICE won...

Well, okay.  She didn't really FIGHT it...she just sort of stepped off the bottom step (in pouring rain, I might add) and hit the one piece of remaining ice/snow pack from the last storm. And there she went, ass over teakettle like cartoon character, and hit the ground/concrete/flower bed edging/  with a crash.  I was holding a ridiculously large red and yellow and blue striped umbrella, much like a circus clown. I couldn't get up for a bit, and sat under said umbrella like a mad toad crouched beneath a mushroom.  And whimpered, and then cried and tried to push myself up (fearing a broken hip), only to find that I had extreme pain in my right arm. I switched the umbrella to my right hand and pushed up with my left, only to drop said umbrella because my arm/hand hurt. I hobbled on out to the coop and let the girls out, after struggling with door latch.  Not being a particularly quick study, I tried to scoop out chicken feed with right hand, cried out in pain, switched to left hand and threw it all willy-nilly about the floor of the run. Did the same thing again to get more for inside the coop, all the while juggling the clown umbrella and trying to unlatch the back doors of said coop. As you can well imagine, by now I am soaking wet, both from the rain, and from sitting on the ground. And from the tears.

 I came back in and the Irishman came out of the bedroom, took one look at me and said--honey, what in the world ???  And then I really started blubbering like a   giant clown-baby and said I fell and went back to the bedroom to change my sweatpants. He followed me and said husbandman things like: what happened? I was going to do that, why didn't you wait? and are you alright?  And I said, I think I just jammed my arm and I don't think I'm really hurt. And he helped me get some dry clothes on. I went out to the kitchen to make some eggs for breakfast.  But I couldn't pick up the plastic spatula. And by now, the pain was getting bad. And he said--we're going to the ER...and I said lamely, I'll be okay, if it still hurts I'll swing by after my meeting, really I think I just landed on it and jammed it pretty bad.  And he said YOU'RE BEING RIDICULOUS. And then I put the eggs back in the fridge and said, let's just go eat out this morning, okay? And he lovingly said, right after the doctor. And I stubbornly said...okay.  Because by now, I am losing all hope that this isn't really anything serious.  And we get in the car and I can't even get my seatbelt on.

 After x-rays of my wrist and elbow, the doc comes in and says, it' official--you broke your wrist. But it looks like pretty clean break, right distal radius (which I take to mean is the large bone that connects to the smaller wrist bones).  He says they are going to splint it and I am to call the ortho guy on Monday. He doesn't think surgery will be involved, that they'll be able to manipulate and set it, but of course, that will be up to the orthopedic guy.  Sooo...they splint and sling me and send me on my merry way with a scrip for painkillers to get me through the weekend.  We finally got to eat at IHOP and then picked up the drugs and came home.

We watched a couple of movies, ate a little supper, and I went to bed about10:30.  And Now It's 2:30, and I've been up for an hour. typing left-handed and this is all I've managed to write, because it's pretty slow going with one left hand. I got up because sleeping on my back and one hip, unable to thrash about because my right arm is elevated on a pillow, is not conducive to sleep. I took a pain pill before going to bed, so I was out for 3 hours before hip pain woke me up.  I'll be heading back to bed directly.

  Alright. I'm off to bed.  Just wanted to share my Saturday morning adventure with you all.  Stay tuned--it's bound to be even more fun and games in the next few days.