Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Feels like spring the past 2 days...

Of course, it isn't.  But a girl can dream, can't she?  I can't wait to see the day lilies in bloom again.

  Temps have been in the 50's.  Skies partly sunny. The snow and ice are melting at a less than alarming rate. lol When you go into town, all the roads are clear and dry. Even most of my road is. My driveway and yard, however, are not. Where there are not rivers of water, there are ice floes. Haven't seen any polar bears yet, but it wouldn't surprise me. lol it's still dangerous to be tromping around out there. I can't afford to fall again. I'm having some sort of night time attack going on...when I try to sleep I am besieged by swollen aching joints and pains. I haven't slept much the past 3 nights. Probably from inactivity, maybe from the anti-inflammatories I'm taking ?  I don't know, but it needs to stop. The neck and shoulder pain from the MVA are becoming troublesome.  I've been to the chiropractor twice. Today after I came home from a visit, I developed a headache. That isn't unusual for me when I start getting adjustments after not having one for quite a while. I'm set up for a massage too,  next Wednesday.  The tightness in my shoulder and neck is inching down my back. I'm going to try to start some tai chi tomorrow morning and see if that helps. I'm doing some mild stretching, but I need more. I feel like I need to be put on the rack and pulled.  lol

  I stopped by the ortho guy today, worried because I seem to be having lots of pain in my arm and hand. He reassured me that everything was okay, that it is going to hurt and that it's probably going to hurt for a while. The broken bone is part of it, the sprained hand is part of it and the heavy cast is part of it. And my over-using it is part of it.  Sigh...he explained the way all the tendons from my fingers are attached to the bones and why it hurts when I use them. He said I do need to keep moving them, just don't pick up heavy things or over use them even for minor things. If they start to hurt, stop whatever I am doing.  I felt better being assured by him that everything was okay.  My husband is making me feel like I'm crazy.  Doc says things are as they should be.

  Been a crazy week...2 friends of mine have lost a parent this week. One friend had a rough surgery, another friend's granddaughter is having one tomorrow. The little girl that was abducted in southern Missouri (I have friends and family down there) was found murdered, and of course everyone is in shock and outraged and talking crazy.  The hard winter had about beat everybody to a pulp, and just in time, the weather changed.  There's all kinds of cold and flu bugs making the rounds [again].  I've been out and about a little, but plan to stay home tomorrow and try to get a little house cleaning done.  I'll probably head to the womens meeting in the evening. 

 Went to a birthday celebration and then out to lunch with some friends on Tuesday--that was nice. Even got my picture taken, and amazingly, I almost like this picture (generally I don't) lol

See my pretty blue cast ?  And my beautiful friend Micki.

  We are going to another game night on Friday (this is becoming a monthly event, rotating through the homes of attendees) and is quite fun. Everybody brings some sort of foodie snack or dessert and we all have a great time generally laughing our butts off and acting like fools.  Last time I took the bacon wrapped chicken bites, but I can't do that with one hand, so I need to figure out something else for this time. I have a doctor appointment with my PCP that morning, to get a cortisone shot in my knee and hopefully prescriptions for the chiro and massage so that the insurance company will pay for them..they already said they would.  Saturday I hope to attend a speaker meeting to hear a friend tell her story (that I haven't heard yet--new friend). Sunday is  a baby shower.  Monday is our discussion group and Tuesday is my volunteer shift at the Central Service Office. Wednesday is another appt--chiro and a massage (YAY!!) and then Thursday I get my cast off and x-rays to see how it's progressing. HOPEFULLY, it will be healed enough that I can get a lighter weight brace instead of another cast--keep your fingers  crossed for me.  Thursday night, another potluck and speaker at our womens meeting.

 Good Heavens--I should never have written all that out where I could see it. It makes me tired just thinking about it !!!  lol  On the other hand, I feel blessed to have a bit of a social life and medical care. lol

 Ok--hand is starting to hurt--must mean it's time to stop writing. lol  (See how quickly I can learn to follow orders???)

  Blessings all around.



Anonymous said...

Holy cow, your schedule is full. Please takes some time to sit and rest. You're wearing me out! Lol

Akannie said...

LOL...sounds like more than it is. I don't work anymore (outside the house, at a JOB) so it changes everything !!

I do stay busy and entertained though. lol

Mama Pea said...

Love the picture of you and your friend. The way you are holding your wonky wing, it looks as though you're saying, "See this? I'm tougher than this!" :o}

You don't know how to take it easy, it's plain to see. That's a good thing in many ways, but you've gotta give yourself time to heal without too much stress. No one would blame you one teensy bit if you didn't bring anything to the potluck. But I know you can't do that so at least pick a recipe that's on the simpler side, okay?

Mama Pea said...

Ooops, I think I sounded way too bossy in my above comment. Sorry. Didn't mean it to come off that way. Just hate to see you having pain during this healing process. Hugs.

Susan said...

Late in reading this, but now I hope that the heavy cast is off and a lighter brace is on. It's good to be busy - and I know lots of people who are retired and they are busier than they were when they worked! Oh, how I would love to find out... :) How about a layered dip for game night?

Akannie said...

Mama Pea...Gonna make a popcorn snack. Popped corn mixed with marshmallows melted in butter with vanilla, then all mixed with nuts and chocolate chips. Was gonna be M&M's, but one of the girls is allergic to Red dye and can't have anything coated with a shell. You spread it in 2 9x13 buttered pans and let it sit for a couple of hours, then cut into chunks. Easy peasy.

PS--sometimes when nobody is around, I whine and sniffle. LOL

Akannie said...

PPS--no you didn't sound bossy. Just sane and reasonable. Something that seems to be in short supply around here. LOL xoxoxoxox

Akannie said...

Susan--not til NEXT Thursday. :(

However--decided on a popcorn snack mix thingy--already too many dips and stuff. I told one of the girls this morning (who said she would bring something healthy like GRAPES)--"We don't have game night for the games. We have it for the JUNK FOOD !!!! lol

Mary LA said...

Healing wishes for you Annie. My computer had a meltdown and I'm struggling to stay online and costs of pc repair are escalating -- nothing new from here in the heatwave South.

Take care my dear friend

Akannie said...

Thanks dear one...hope you get it sorted soon. I just realized I haven't posted in a week. Oops. (It's not the only thing I've forgotten). lol