Saturday, January 3, 2009

A simple Saturday of those days when you head out into the world a little skewed. My excuse was a bizarre dream that encompassed ipods and gangbangers and bratwurst sandwiches. AND a teenager who cleaned house. A BOY. lol...

Then the coffeemaker kept flipping the circuit breaker off. You of those days.

Then the dear husband went outside, got a ladder, and started cleaning the gutters. All with NO nagging on my part! Surreal....

All in all, a simple day. Stayed home, didn't leave the homestead even for a minute. Had a couple of animal incidents, a dog with a thorny stick stuck between her teeth into the roof of her mouth, and one running little puppy who slid on the hardwood floor and bruised or strained something and is now limping on 3 legs. Most of the time. Sigh....they are both okay.

Watched the fog roll in this afternoon and it reminded me of living on the north coast of California, on Humboldt Bay, where the fog would roll in every day at precisely 4 PM. Looked around my yard and gardens, all resting comfortably. Watched the chickens out scratching in the yard, the dogs sliding through the big piles of leaves that we've put on the garden beds, and our resident hawk, a red tail, soar around looking for supper. Felt especially blessed to be here now, on this little piece of dirt, sober and happy and content.

Trying to learn to live better in the moment, to practice mindfulness, to honor the sacred in everything I see.



Zanejabbers said...

Hi Akannie, funny you asked about the patch. We were talking about that at dinner last night. Of course it will be black leather with rhinestones - A Pirate - maybe in the likes of Johnny Depp.
Thanks for stopping by.

Prayer Girl said...

For some reason I found the idea of fog rolling in every day at precisely 4 p.m. appealing and even a little mysterious.

Thanks for this post and thanks for your comment on my blog.