Monday, January 5, 2009

Manic Monday

I'm so emotionally exhausted, I'm ready to drop.

Brought the puppy home from the vet, set her down on wobbly legs in the yard to see if she could pee. She did, and then looked at Pat and took off like rocket! We searched high and low, and I was so worried about her that I spent the last hour, from 9-10 PM bawling like a baby. She was MIA for over 4 hours...neighbors were out helping us look...and all I could think was she was so doped up from the surgery that she was probably disoriented and couldn't find her way home. I was also very worried about her running through the woods and brambles and damaging the stitches on her little tummy. One good stick and she could have bled to death. And the temps were dropping at an alarming rate too and it's supposed to snow tonight...I was crying and my poor husband was holding me and I just kept saying , she will die out there tonight...

And of course, that's when she came walking back into the yard. She's a little worse for the wear, but mainly seems fine. No broken stitches, no excessive bleeding.

I am one grateful girl right this minute.

Today was the service for my sponsor too. That may have been some of the tears that fell so easily.

I was thinking (after the fact, of course), about what a blessing it is to have emotions and be able to express them. To feel that much love for anything or anyone. And to have gratitude when things come to a good end.

And to not have to think of drowning my fears (real or imagined) in scotch. To actually have other solutions to the "big deals" in my life.

I am especially blessed tonight. I need to go to bed and get some that I know I can!



steveroni said...

Love your gratefulness, girl!

And love your Namaste! And I bow to the God within you, also!

Peace, doggie is home. All is well.


Check out the dog photo on my blog, just now posted...

steveroni said...

Thought I commented here last night. Well, anyway, sure hope you got some needed sleep, that cures lots of our human ailments.

But it will not remove the pain of a broken heart, nor the loss of a loved one. Only God's time will do those things.
(My opinion!)
Steve E.