Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Terrific Tuesday

Holey longjohns!!! It's freezing cold out there. 11 degrees and falling. Yikes. The animals can barely stay out long enough to scare me,lol.

I had an interesting day...the furnace quit working and I had to call 6 different places to find ONE who could come fix it, and he can't come til 8 AM tomorrow. Lucky for us, we're always prepared for emergencies. It's part of life in the country. We are managing to keep the temps in the house right around 67, which is perfectly warm enough. Especially at night when it's time for bed anyway. The bird's cage is double covered for insulation and all the critters are snuggled up in groups of 2 and 3 around the house.

Makes me think of (here we go) the band 3 Dog Night...from back in the olden days. *wink Apparently that phrase comes from Alaska, where you can judge the coldness of the night by how many dogs it takes in your bed to keep you warm enough to survive. A 3 dog night is a pretty frigid one, I suspect. We got to the point we had to close out bedroom door because there wasn't enough room for US in the bed. When we had the Little Blind Dog Sophie, she always slept with us. Then we only had 2 cats also, and they'd sleep on top of us too. Now it's way too crazy...

I'm loving sobriety and the life I lead these days. I'm loving winter cold snaps that make me stay home and whittle my schedule down to nothing. I love being able to stay home and make big pots of soups and stews and make bread if I want to, and yummy desserts too. Spending time on the computer. Reading. Writing. Making and getting phone calls. Sitting for half an hour with a cat in my lap and a dog at my feet. While it's true that my arthritis gets pretty bad in the cold, I can nurture my soul and my body with heating pads and hot teas and silence. No car noises on the road, no people to talk to unless I choose, sometimes not even a radio playing.

Just the music of the spheres, lulling me into an even deeper contentment. Bliss.....


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Prayer Girl said...

That picture is terrific. It looks darn cold.

I can just picture all those animals piled up all over the place - warm and happy and you right in the middle of it all.

Enjoy the beauty and silence of the snow for me.