Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

(Does all black make me look thinner?) lol Spelunking in the Shenandoah Mountains..


Hideeho, campers. (That's one of my favorite lines, from one of my favorite movies. Send in the Clowns, with Jason Robards.)

It was a good day all 'round in these parts, even if it was a little chilly, the sun was shining almost all day. And I went shopping for groceries and to Starbucks for my good stuff coffee beans. And went to my nephew's house and brought my computer home...oh, how I missed her!!!! She's fast as lightning and clean and fixed and it only cost me 65 dollars, becasue I have the best nephew in the world ! I am especially blessed. I bought 2 pounds of coffee and will wrap one up and give it to my grandest sponsee as part of her Xmas present. I bought her a great book and gussied the package up with a little angel wreath. But she gave me a one hour massage !!!!!! Last year she gave me a hand crafted gorgeous cutting board, made locally by a guy who does fine woodworking. It's too beautiful to use !! About 3 different kinds of I haven't seen her since before Xmas, I still have her gift, and decided I'd buy her a pound of beans as well. She loves the coffee at my house. is always a feel good deal. Even if it's just groceries. I got to go by myself and leave hubby at home. It was good.

We're scheduled for crappy weather all week, it looks like. Looks like I'll be staying home and puttering. Yippee!

I had a good evening too. One of my sponsees had a birthday today. We were supposed to go to lunch, just me and her and her mom. Nothing worked out the way it was planned and she was feeling all sad and disappointed. Her mom didn't even tell her Happy Birthday, her kids forgot. too. SO I surprised her at her home group tonight with cupcakes, balloons, flowers, a fancy-schmancy journal from Borders with a fancy schmancy pen to write in it with, and a funny birthday card. It was fun and great to see her light up. We're all just little kids on the inside....

(BTW,it was a good meeting too!)

I had a great talk with a friend of mine in the program yesterday....his sponsor just died too, of an inoperable brain tumor at the age of 45. We were talking about how he still doesn't have a sponsor and just doesn't seem to be able to find anyone that lights him up like B- did. I know the feeling, and it is hard to replace your sponsor when they die unexpectedly. I think it was good for both of us to be able to talk about it out loud...

Well, I need to mosey off towards bed, I guess. Sure is great having a computer back that opens programs and closes and works like it's supposed a reasonable speed. lol The wonders of modern technology....

Be well, and stay in touch.



big Jenn said...

Black is the color of choice for me these days because YES it makes me look thinner ( in my head). it also makes me look like a bad ass, which is what I want you to think!
Anyway, Thanks for the comment and please do come back!jeNN

steveroni said...

Always, ALWAYS good to talk things out with another--isn't that called "sharing"?

About black, I don't know. All my life, work clothes have been black. Either a tuxedo or Full-dress (Penguin suit!), or blk pants and blk shirt. But always work, work, even though they call it "playing" the violin.

Football players, they call it "playing" football...but ya know it's lots more than "playing".

Akannie said...

Uh...okay, babble-o-roni.

Did you make the football team, then, or were you just one of those band/chess club guys ?