Sunday, January 4, 2009

A January Sunday with whipped cream and nuts!

It was a nice Sunday...busy enough to not be boring and time enough to breathe.

I have a busy day tomorrow. Have to take hubby to work and then from there take the youngest dog in to be spayed. I'll come back home and take care of the rest of the animals and then go for a brief stop at the memorial service for my sponsor which is from 4-6, before I have to be back up north (about 45 miles) to pick hubby up from work at 5:30 and then on to pick up the dog and bring her home. It's just the way it's working out, and there's no other way I can manage it.

I really hate having to take the pup to the vet and then leave her there all day. I hate that she has to have surgery, many things can go wrong. I'm not a worry wart, really, and I'll put her in God's hands and pray for the vet. But I still don't like it. And almost as much as that is that she's already walking around tonight looking for something to eat, and she can't have anything, even water past midnight. I've already picked up the bowls...the other dogs are cool with it, as they've already eaten this evening. But little Caylee is a night-time eater. And she expected a cookie when she came in from her evening constitutional...and didn't get it.

Today I was blessed with time with my dear husband, a lovely meal of sushi and maki, some warm temps for most of the day (around dusk, it started getting really cold, wind came up--ugly!), and a sober community where I fit.

Have started making plans for the 3rd sober gathering at my house this summer. It's people from a sober site I belong to and people from my community and whoever else I decide to invite. lol Last year was a little smaller, but in years past there have been as many as 70 people at my house for the big Saturday bbq. Good times, meeting people from all over the world, as well as all over the country. This event is a great blessing in my life, both that I can host it, and that I get to meet Cyber friends f2f.

I am blessed with having some friends coming down from Akron this week. My bb birthday is Tuesday, and they'll take me out for lunch on Friday. They'll be meeting up with us at the speaker/potluck at the women's group on Thursday. I haven't seen them since last May, so this is a blessing indeed!!!!

Life is good. Sobriety ROCKS !!!!!

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