Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm posting early tonight because I am so tired I can't see. And I found this "Interview" from steveroni in my mailbox, so I thought it was a good time to do it.

My little pup is resting comfortably at the vet hospital and will come home tomorrow morning. I am so grateful befond belief that she is going to be okay. It will be about 4 weeks of bedrest (yeah, right!) to heal the tiny fractures on her "angel wings" (little wings on the sides of the vertebrae). She is stitched up and being all sweet and wowing the veterinary staff.

I am blessed to have friends who love me and pray for me and help me through my worst times by just being there for me.

I am blessed to have a husband who doesn't bat an eyelash when the vet hands him an estimate for $504.00. A man who says, well, we have plenty of rice and beans, right? A man who holds me and says "We have had miracles this year. We can have another one." A man who cried last night when he got home from work and saw our little darling laying there, unable to get up.

I am one especially blessed girl.

OKay--let the game begin.

Hi Ya, Annie. Thank you for playing!
1. If you could have had any job in the world, what would it have been?

2. Thinking about the three AA gatherings you've had at your house, describe the three most memorable happenings.

A)Looking around my house and gardens and seeing so many people from so many places and realizing I was friends with every one of them, and that we all had the common thread of recovery running through our lives.
B)Looking out the kitchen window while I was making apple crisp and seeing my JRT with a 2 headed fish in her mouth! (Turned out it was 2 fish, one had swallowed anoth. Mostly.)
C) Meeting my friend Andrew from Canada after knowing him online for 8+ years.

3. Of your life accomplishments, name one regret--if any. If NOT, what was your "finest achievement"? This sounds crazy, maybe, but I did volunteer work with the Literacy Council for 5 years, teaching non English speaking people to read and write basic English, to get a bank account, to write checks, to read maps. It was my finest hour.

4. What was/is the most complicated food dish you have ever prepared? I rarely prepare complicated food dishes. I try to Keep It Simple, Steve !

5. Leaving your house hurriedly, what three items would you carry out--(you alone have to tote them)? My fireproof safety box, My wedding pictures, my birdcage.
Can't wait.Steve E.


paxaa said...

Oh Dear One. Thank you so much. Knowing you has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.



Prayer Girl said...

I am so very happy to know your little puppy made it through the ordeal of being hit by a truck.

Amazing, really.

You are blessed in so many ways.

Happy Saturday.

steveroni said...

Annie, thank you SO much for 'playing'. I LOVE it, that "your finest hour" was in volunteer work (5 years!) That tells a lot about you, girl.

Now, I get a strong feeling that this "peace" guy--paxaa, aka Andrew, is well worth knowing, but I ran into a brick wall when trying to find him...until...

I noticed he is listed on Mary L's 'roll, so I'll get to read a bit.

See you (those two words seem to have SO much more meaning now, thanin the past -grin)
Steve E.