Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday's child is full

[Garden Gnome, among the green beans and zinnias]

Hope that title sounds as funny to you as it feels to me.

Oh, well.

It is cold as the dickens out there and there is a severe weather advisory out because of the temps. They are closing the schools tomorrow and everything. I am just blessed to have my furnace fixed and a warm house to hole up in. My doggies just went out to go potty and 10 to 1 they don't stay out there any longer than necessary. Wait--there it is. I heard the Jack Russell Terrorist bark her nightime squeak-bark at the door. (Quietly, as not to wake daddy). *grin Be right back....

Tomorrow I'm going to make a big pot of French Onion Soup, and some rosemary garlic bread to go with it. It will be a good day for soup making, I suspect. And every day is a good day for the intoxicating smell of yeast bread with garlic in it. I make an excellent vegetarian version of the soup that is to die for. It will be the first recipe on my new blog. Hopefully accompanied by pictures.

I feel like I need some hot tea tonight. I still have to make hubby's breakfast and lunch, so I'll put the blue enamel tea kettle on and get those things done while I wait for the kettle to boil. I have a grand selection of teas...from my homegrown peppermint and spearmint to Lapsong Souschong to Rooiboos to Irish Breakfast Tea to chamomile. And some others too. Greens and whites and black teas. I even have several Yogi Teas that are for particular reasons, like Detox Tea and a women's hormonal balance and throat coat and a tea that is a coffee substitute. And after tea, I'll go to bed. I'm tired, having been up since 5, and I really didn't mean to stay up this late...

I am flinging prayers about the Universe for whomever needs them. That all of the people on the planet have some peace in their lives, and full stomachs, and a pillow to lie their heads on and someone to love them all up. For good health and dry quarters, for sweet dreams and loving hearts. For a sense of purpose and usefulness and the sense to go slowly and appreciate the world around us.

And that, as they say, is the end of the story.


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Prayer Girl said...

New blog? Recipes? Pictures? It all sounds wonderful. Anytime we're talking about food, I'm all ears. :)