Thursday, January 15, 2009


I can't blog youngest pup was hit by a truck late this afternoon. She is hurt badly and may die tonight. I honestly didn't think she would live til Pat got home. She was down at the end of our drive and a truck came over the hill at the same time as a car came up the hill. He swerved and hit our little dog.

It's been a horrendous day...If she makes it through the night, we will take her to a vet first thing in the morning (there are no emergency clinics around here.). I am all cried out (or not) and have been praying and meditating the past half hour, so I feel a little more calm.

I said to hubby it will be a miracle if she doesn't die. He said, We have had miracles this year.
The poor man who hit her was devastated. He was sure she was dead. He came to the door to get me and as we walked down the driveway, he was about to cry. We got down there and she was gone. He said there was no way--he hit her hard and square...he and his brother looked high and low for the little runner...I finally sent them home and said I was so sorry this happened to him, and thank you for helping me look. I would keep looking and they could go. I told them the story about bringing her home from the spaying and how she took off and was gone for 4 hours.
I had a flannel sheet I had brought out of the house to wrap her in...and I was carrying it back into the house when something made me stop and turn. I stooped down and sure enough, she was huddled under hubby's truck. It took me nearly an hour to figure out how to get her's a little S-10, about 10 inches off the ground. I got a broken down cardboard box and crawled under the truck and wrapped the sheet around her. Then I started sliding the cardboard under her back haunches. When I had it about halfway under her, I started slowly pulling her out from under the truck Pulling the flannel sheet and the cardboard...and using the cardboard like a backboard, I got her out of the frigid cold and into the house. (It never got past 10 degreesF today, and I don't even know what the wind chill was.)

She has taken some water, and she's bleeding here and there from rock punctures and stuff, nothing big that I can see., But she can't stand up. I don't know if maybe her hips are broken or her pelvis maybe. She's sleeping mostly and whimpering a little. But she's responding and her eyes look clearer.

I am heartbroken...she is such a sweet little thing and I hate that it happened to her. And that she's hurting. And that I can't do anything to change it.

I am asking for prayer s for my little Caylee. And for me, for acceptance of the outcome.

Thanks for letting me talk....


Mary LA said...

Oh my darling Annie I am so sorry _ I have followed little Caylee's story right from the start and I live in terror of something happening to one of my own puppies so I know how you must be suffering right now.

Love & hugs to you, I am hoping for a miracle


paxaa said...

I am so sorry for Caylee and your pain.

God Bless and much Love to you all.


Prayer Girl said...

I will surely pray for your little puppy.

They are so defenseless and vulnerable.

God takes care of all His animals and I pray He wraps His loving, healing arms around your precious pup.