Monday, January 12, 2009


The aforementioned cave...somewhere in Virginia.

I love caves. I've probably been in 10 different caves around the country. They are such a tremnendous mystery, so full of rare and exotic sights. I love especially the way they always tell you not to touch anything, because man doesn't belong down there, and even the sloughing skin cells swirling around are changing the ecosystem as we speak. I LOVE places that we don't belong. Reminds me of being up at Pike's Peak, and the park rangers were telling everyone to be careful where you step, as the balance of natuire that high up in the Rockies is fragile. Telling us how many years it took for the environment to recover when people picked the wildflowers up there. And Yosemite...ah....wonderful and brutal Mother Nature.

A laid back day at home today. I did make a Caribbean pork stew for supper that I served over Jasmine rice. It had chilies and dry mustard and bay leaves and fresh ground pepper and sweet potatoes and onions and garlic and celery in it. And carrots and green beans. And thick juicy chunks of succulent pork sirloin, cooked to the point of melting in your mouth. Yes, were good.

The pups have just come back in and the cats are all accounted for. I guess there's no reason now that I can't go to bed. Got a 10:30 PM call from a sponsee who is working this horrible schedule of doubles 3 and 4 times a week. Mandatory. So, I stay up and let her call's the least I can do. She is starting on her 4th step, (in a very roundabout manner, lol) and trying to fit in life with this crazy schedule. She's only about 3 months sober, and I'm amazed at how well she's holding up. But she has a goal, and she's striving to reach it. Jobs are so hard to come by around these parts, and she is stubbornly taking it all one day at a time. Bravo, little girl!

I'm sure feeling blessed again tonight. And grateful....really, really grateful.



Mary LA said...

I must find a picture of our Cango Caves with the stalactities and cavern lakes to send you...
Love & hugs


big Jenn said...

I've been to Howe Caverns a couple times. They're not too far away from me. I felt uncomfortable that far under ground. People have no idea how we affect the environment. jeNN