Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sliding into Saturday...

(I know, I know...I saw this on a bumper sticker once in South Carolina. When I saw the cup--I just had to have it).


Well, little babydawg came home from the hospital today around noon. She is doing as well as a dog on drugs can hope to do. She is very glad to be home with her family. Lots of tail wagging on all our parts! :)

She has about 4 medications she has to take twice a day. She still isn't doing too well at standing, and has peed on the puppy pad on her bed though. She's eating well too.


I haven't been to a meeting in a week, and I'm feeling it. I won't be able to go tomorrow either, nor to the District meeting because someone has to be here with the puppy. Since himself is chairing his homegroup tomorrow, and he is a brand new GSR for his group, he will stay down there and go to the meeting, and bring me back all the printouts and agenda and announcements. It's 30 miles there one way, and since he's going to be there anyway, I shall defer and stay home with pup. I am only the alternate DCM this grand reasons for me to be there. The only news I have is that I am workling on putting together a workshop for new GSR's (as altDCM here, I am automatically head of the workshop committee. I'll send an email to our DCM and explain things.) By next month's meeting, our life will be back to normal.

I will be on house arrest the next month, lol. Nursing this puppy is going to be a full time job for a while. I'm blessed to be able to do it.
"Caring for pets, and feeding wild birds in winter make us partners with God." says the little sticker on my fridge.

Signing off for now....I have a rosemary bread recipe to get posted over at Dragon Woman's. It's getting late and I'm whipped.

Sweet dreams, you dear bloggers.



paxaa said...

Caylee is one lucky pup to have you as her caretaker. Good for you, you are very special to me.

Interesting how you put the cup with it's message right beside the NG article about the decimation of the aboriginal population in Florida by the early Spanish settlers.



Akannie said...

LOL....consider it a public service. Hey--I do what I can....

steveroni said...

It's like a school--for me--to read how you care for animals as if they are "people", and, in a way, they are...members of the family.

On the farm, they were just "there". Many dogd, some even without names, many cats, many everythings. Lots of our cows had names, and the horses, of course, and someone of us would nurse them when sick. But the domestic pets more or less took care of themselves.

That's why this is a learning experience for me to read all the stories of your pup's trials, after his horrible and frightening accident.

Thanks, Annie K