Friday, January 2, 2009

Freedom Friday...

Blessings were abundant today. They probably always are, but I choose to not see them otherwise engage the committee in my head in all sorts of egocentric activities.
When I can step outside myself, when I can shift my perception just a tad, I can see the overflowing blessings in life.

Today I was blessed to watch a newcomer have a lightbulb moment, and in the blink of an eye, become willing to go to any lengths to live a new way. Today I was blessed to be in a meeting where all the people at my end of the table must have taken their sillypills before leaving the house this morning. We were giggling and acting silly and laughing out loud and almost disrupting the meeting. AND IT FELT SO GOOD... the newbie said, I haven't laughed this much since I quit drinking. Breathless, wheezy, pee your pants, kind of laughing. And I thought, Ah...this is it. This is Happy, Joyous and Free !!! It's an amazing thing, the way laughter changes a person's demeanor. The crinkly eyes, the red cheeks, the breathless paryoxsms that make you laugh even more. The snorting, the hiccuping, the things that you can't control. And today, I am free to be silly. I don't have to police my every word or action, afraid of doing the wrong thing and having the wrong person see it. I can laugh, and feel the joy welling up in my soul and spilling out of my mouth and eyes.

This is good stuff. Exhausting, but good to know that we "...are not a glum lot. We absolutely insist on enjoying life."

May you enjoy your life until water leaks ut of all your orifices.



steveroni said...

Three words said it all..."I AM FREE..." But I'm not ready to ponder the 'orifice' thing yet -BIG GRIN!

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Hehe... Good post!