Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursdays rock!!

...mostly because I get to go to my women's meeting. And it was a great one tonight...honesty, willingness, love...all the ingredients for a truly heartfelt meeting.

I'm off to bed early tonight because tomorrow I have to go with a sponsee to court. She's trying to get custody of her daughter and this is the final hearing (I hope). It's a blessing to be trusted to be part of this proceeding. She's sober 14 years and the daughter is 11. It's ablessing that I can suit up and show up. I'm asking for prayers for K and A that God's will be done here (and not just the will of the father who can afford a lawyer!).

I did some yard work today and things are looking pretty good out there. I did a little service work in the form of making and printing fliers and phone lists. I got to give a newbie with 8 days a ride to a meeting. I got to make a lovely dinner for my husband. I got to play fetch with my recovering JRT. I'm feeling pretty blessed today.

I found this and thought it was apropo...

Steps in the right direction: Tools for balance.
1. Each day, ask the Universe how you may be of service.
2. Cook with intention, and bless all you consume.
3. Do unto others.
4. Take time to center yourself daily.
5. Take time to enjoy the community of others.

I heard a woman speaker say..."Every night I ask God to have people treat me tomorrow the way I treated people today." I like that.

Blessings on all your little bloggerheads. I'm outta here....

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AlkySeltzer said...

I gotta be careful in asking to be treated tomorrow, like I treated people yesterday. First, I gotta remember YESTERDAY!-g-

I visited an AA 'acquaintance' in the hospital Wednesday. He told me that none of his familt, 2 brothers, a sister, and uncle did not bother. He has congestive heart failure. Hw also told me today that none of our AA group visited either.

So, a guy who I barely knew, is now a 'friend-for-life' just because of one hour out of my 'VERY IMPORRRTAHNT DAY!

Besides, it makes me feel good doing stuff like that. Thanks, God!