Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wiped out on a Wednesday has been one long day.

Grocery shopped, finished laundry (it finally dried!), went to a meeting, had several emotional and tearful phone calls from someone in her 5th day of sobriety, went to lunch with 4 women from the meeting, made fajitas for supper and filled in all the blanks with various and sundry assorted household cleaning jobs.

I swear--you'd think my house would be spotless for all the time I spend cleaning it, but it never is. There are puppy toys scattered around all the time (I pick them up, put them in the box, and they take them out agaion, one by one). I vacuum daily because when you have 3 dogs, 5 cats and a bird and a husband, there's lots of fur and feathers and tracked in grass and mud to be cleaning up constantly.

And now we're moving into deer season around these parts and every wannabe hunter in the area comes out this way to hunt on private lands. It makes me sick. The sounds of guns going off terrifies me. Then, they field dress the deer, leaving piles of innards and legs and whatnot laying around for my dogs to find and drag home. SO for the next 4 months, my yard will look like a boneyard in a forensics movie. And my dogs will have the most vile breath you can imagine, because believe me, the worse it stinks, the more they'll like it. One time last year, my Jack Russell came backing up the driveway, pulling the entire back leg and shank of a full grown deer. It was 4 times longer than she was, and it was HERS, and NOBODY was gonna take it away. sigh...

SO, Just for today, I'm gonna be grateful that I have 3 happy dogs to clean up after. Grateful that I am willing and able to keep my little cottage clean (mostly). Grateful that I don't ever have to go through that first year of sobriety again. Grateful that the local store had pork loins on sale for .99/lb and chicken breasts (boneless, skinless) for $1.99/lb, and I had enough money in my food budget to go buy about 20 pounds of each to put in my freezer. Grateful that my freezer has lots of my garden veggies in it as well as other meats and fruits and fish. Grateful that I have a freezer. That I do, in fact, have 2 freezers. Grateful that my pantry is stocked with lots of beans and rice and canned goods and pastas.

I'm feeling blissfully blessed tonight....(maybe it's just the half a dark chocolate Dove bar I ate)...Time for sleep....


AlkySeltzer said...

Pork Loin .99/lb are ya sure those aren't pig knuckles? You really "lucked in". Was you Higher Power lurking near? (He's no doubt next to you 24/7...)

Annie, I am so glad to know you. I've NEVER met anyone who could eat HALF a Dove Bar! Do you possess documentation?

And for 34 years, I've not met anyone who could get, do, think, say, love, or eat half of ANYTHING
except when we work the TWELVE STEPS OF ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS-grin-


Oh, Wow! That's all I could think reading the description of deer season and your dogs. I am so faint of heart, I would have a real problem. I hate the site of blood and can't stand the site of body parts.
I think it stems back to when my older brother would trick me into looking at dead (squished) squirrels in the road as we drove with my mother. How hateful. It did a number on me that hasn't quite gone away.
BTW - I'll be over for dinner often for pork loin and chicken breast. What a great buy.
I loved all you are grateful for.