Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday's child is full

It was a long and rough day in alot of ways. And I know from past experience that this is the prime time to look for the blessings in it all.'s my gratitude list for today...

1) A working coffeemaker
2) A pulse
3) The sound and smell of the soft rain falling
4) Making lemon cupcakes with lemon/cream cheese frosting
5) Licking the frosting bowl
6) The smell of sauteeing onions and minced fresh garlic
7) People who trust me enough to tell me their troubles
8) Being trustworthy
9) A relationship with my Creator
10) Getting a call from my grandson

So, that being said, I shall depart from this place and go to bed before it gets any later. I am tired.

Thank you for being an abundant Universe....and bless all people everywhere.

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