Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday's tinkerings

Hee hee hee...That's me on the end. (oh, hell. They're all me--like Sybil)lol

A day full of blessings. Found our wayward lost puppy after a fretful and emotional 5 hours of searching. Made up with hubby and he apologized for "being such a butt". Got my laundry all washed and hung out on the line to dry (which it didn't, because I was too late getting it out. SO--it's still there, and will dry all day tomorrow.) Got the furniture all vacuumed. Had a couple of lovely phone calls from my youngest grandson, who was coming to stay on Friday night, and then it was changed by his mom to Saturday, and then it was changed again to both Friday AND Saturday. lol NO matter what...I WIN!!!! He's such a little Prince. The email from his mom this morning read "I understand that Tristan has arranged for you to pick him up after achool...." He's his own social secretary. He's very excited because he asked could we go this thing at his school on Saturday...it's a Fun Faire...and it will be really FUN, Nana....can we go?? And Grandpa said, well, we could probably use a little FUN! SO we're on for it.

Grandchildren are the reward you get for not KILLING your own kids.

I am blessed. I am now in debt to St Jude and God and Buddha and all the Powers That Be for the safe return of my little Caylee. I had a terrible dream that woke me up this morning...I was holding her, and she was sopping wet and had mud or poop or something all over her backside, and she was whimpering and talking to me...she was hurt, and she kept saying "It's my gut (or my butt--I couldn't be sure.)" Anyway, it freaked me out--and when I got up and came out, I found out she was gone. SO I was tripley menopausally emotional about the whole thing.

Today, I am blessed to be a grandma and the mommy of a new puppy and the caretaker of more animals than I care to admit to. I am blessed to be the person someone called because she's looking for a home for a homeless woman who just came out rehab. I'm blessed to have friends who email and say what's up? I'm blessed to be the go-to girl when people need information about certain things.

I'm grateful to be a sober woman, skidding along the information superhighway on her butt...and loving the ride (in spite of the gravel). lol

Nite all....


Pam said...

butt and gut are easily confused ;)
enjoy your day and thank you for coming by my blog.

Akannie said...

I LOVE your blog, Pammie!!!!


Sounds like a truly satisfying day.
Have a great time with your grandson this weekend.
You have lots of blessings. Being sober is so wonderful.