Saturday, September 27, 2008

September's final Saturday

Hard to believe it's almost October. This summer flew by and the year as well. Ah...growing older gives the 'Speed of Light' a whole new meaning.

I spent a good part of the day with my grandson. Even now, it's sometimes hard to believe I'm old enough to be a grandma...seems like just last week, I was young and energetic and taking on the world. I think alcoholism really slows down your life too...those days went on forever, and then suddenly in the !snap! of a finger, it was over. Doing crazy things, those feelings of immortality, the times....oh, my. And now here I am--shocked every time I pass a mirror..thinking, holy mother of god--is that really me? I don't feel that different than I did say, 16 years ago. Sure - I have a few more miles on me, but crikey! Inside, I still feel 27 sometimes. It's a scary

Today was a day of memory making times with my grandson, and mundane household chores, and everyday miracles. Those ordinary, garden variety run-of-the-mill kind of miracles that I see around me every day. The ones that bless me, and my life and my loved ones. Things like seeing the pool of tadpoles and small baby frogs, the beginnings of life that I could share with an 11 year old. Going to the school fun faire with him, where there were LOTS of grandma's, and meeting his teachers past and present and some of his friends. Watching him interact with the kids, all the little girls hug him and he is so sweet and sensitive. One of his friends was pouty beccause she hadn't won anything, so he gave her some of his tickets to go choose something from the prize table. This is the kind of child I woud choose to have as a grandson...instead, I was blessed with him. We went to the springs to fill the water jugs for drinking, and he was helping me and turned and said, "wow,'s so peaceful here, isn't it? No wonder this water tastes so good."

A couple of calls blessed me today, sober women who are staying sober against all odds. Miracles.

We got a notice that they are finally fully funded with the grant to get city water out here to us. Construction will start in Jan/09..we have been waiting and been promised this for 3 years. That will mean no more hauling water, no more 'no water' when the power is out, no more being unable to water the garden without pumping water up from the pond. Another small miracle.

All my cats are in without me having to try to herd them into the house at night. A major miracle.

Miracles of this sort are everywhere when I choose to see them. Blessing me as I go about my day.

I like this kind of life and however much of it I have left, I want to experience and live it joyfully and fully. I'm going to sleep now....

Thank you, God.


AlkySeltzer said...

(Grandson said) ""wow,'s so peaceful here, isn't it? No wonder this water tastes so good."

When I am at peace, everything tastes, looks, smells, and feels better. And I can hear more clearly the words of you all--which sometimes is God Calling me.

Thank You God, and thank you, Annie!


As for my inside age, the more I ride my new scooter, the more I love it (in point of fact, I'm not terrified much anymore)and the younger I feel.
I know all about the mysteries and illusions of TIME. When I'm out riding around I feel younger by many years - forget my real age. Love it!
Congratulations on the water that is a-coming!