Friday, September 19, 2008

Freaky Friday

A long and weird day, finally coming to a close. And so far, I didn't have to put anything in my mouth that affects me from the neck up. So it must be okay.

Watched a really emotional and intense Jodi Foster movie tonight, The Brave One. It had me all worked up, right from the first scenes. I cried more than once, and sat here wondering how does anyone survive that sort of thing? An excellent movie...of course, I am biased. I love that woman.

Trying to think of what I am grateful for, today. Sobriety. Sleep. A warm bed and a cool pillow. Pets and chocolate ice cream. Having most of my bills paid. Hearing a viola recital that my friend Chris is doing with her group. Appreciating beautiful music. Watching the swarms of butterflies in the yard today.

Getting ready for sleep....ah....sleep.

Sayonara, all y'all.

1 comment:

AlkySeltzer said...

WOW! Three things you wrote about excite me: Jodie Foster, Chocolate Ice Cream, and Viola recital--in reverse order!