Monday, September 15, 2008


Blessings and prayers to all in Ike's path. These are the times that try men's souls...Wall Street taking a BIG hit, making lots of folks worry about their retirement monies. Political turmoil, weather craziness...where will it end?

Just for today, it's ending right about now. In a little while, I'll be in bed...dreaming of better days. The little yellow card that some guy gave me when I first came to AA said ..."Anybody can do anything for 24 hours" or something like that. So, no matter how crazy the world gets, I know I only have to get through today. That's how it was when I wanted to drink, and that's how it is now, all these years away from a drink. That little card also had a quote from Abraham Lincoln on it that said "I believe a person is just about as happy as he makes up his mind to be." So, daily, I make up my mind to be happy. Gratitude is a gift I choose everyday. It's how I stay happy.

The back is better today. The Puppy is better, too. I cooked brown rice and plain ground turkey and started feeding her small amounts of it every few hours, and she stopped vomiting. She's still really crippled up, but she brought her toy to me to throw today!! And then she hobbled the couple of feet that I tossed it and looked at me as if to say--See?? I can do it!! Bless her little heart. It kills me to see her hurt like this, and I'd love to find the person who hit her and didn't bother to stop...

The baby pup keeps coming to lay down beside her and snuggle. She's being very gentle. The whole energy of the critter family has changed since she got huirt, like they all know and are ministering to her.

That reminds me of a Discovery or Animal Planet channel special I saw once on elephants....when one member of the herd was hurt and could not continue the trek to where there was food, several of the females stayed with her until she died. It was the most moving piece of spirituality I have ever witnessed. They caressed her with their trunks and sprayed her to keep her comfortable all the while murmering sounded like musical prayers to me. When she finally died they did some ritual covering of the body before moving on.

I made chili was an overcast 65 degrees today. Felt like a chili day. I used ground turkey, which I often do, with lots of onions and garlic and kidney beans and homecanned tomatoes with a can of tomato paste thrown in. Turned out great.

I need to get out to the garden and pick green beans tomorrow. Since the storm smashed the trellis and took down all my vines, I have picked more green beans than ever this year. sigh....

Looking around me and seeing the blessings in my world keeps me on track. I am amazed and blessed that the Universe is abundant and that I always have more than I need and I always have wealth to share. I am grateful to be the girl in the pantry, looking through all the jars of home canned foods, trying to choose which one to fix for dinner. I am grateful to have friends who call to check on me and ask what they can do. I am grateful to be on the mend--OH BOY--am I grateful for that.

My reminders for today:

Hate is not a spiritual word.
Violence is not a spiritual word.
Prejudice is not a spiritual word.

Blessings to all, everywhere.


Pam said...

Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes darlin'.

AlkySeltzer said...

The whole energy of the critter family has changed since she got hurt, like they all know...

My cat, when I was in bed with a bad back, seemed to sense that I was hurt, even where I hurt, and was SO comforting. I KNOW it was not just my imagination. Ain't it grand--nature, I mean?

Hate is not a spiritual word.
Violence is not a spiritual word.
Prejudice is not a spiritual word.

LOVE is a spiritual word.
PEACE is a spiritual word.
TOLERANCE is a spirtual word.