Friday, September 26, 2008

Fabulous Friday

(Molly McGee the Jack Russell Terrorist and her sidekick the young Lucy Lou, after we first got Lucy from the shelter, about a year and a half ago. Little Lucy is now 3 times the size of Molly, but Molly is still the boss.)


Ah....the beauty of everyone being gone, all the dishes cleaned up, the grandson asleep and the house silent as a chapel.

We had a wonderful evening. Grandson and the 2 year old played and played. The 13 year old played some too, but stuck pretty close to his momma. He played alot with the dogs and cats, and by the time the evening was over, he shyly said, I'd sure like to come back here sometime... I said, ANYTIME! Asked him if he liked to fish and he lit up like a Christmas tree. lol

After dinner and a nice outdoors walk around the property, we were all down at the pond, where the Grandson was teaching the two year old to find just the right little stick, make a wish, kiss it, and throw it in the water. They were having so much fun. Then we all clomped back up into the house for ice cream sundaes.

I'm that good kind of bone tired from cleaning and cooking all day. Plus the noisy frenetic energy from having a bunch of kids in the house just wears me out. In the past hour that everyone's been gone, I have finished the last 2 chapters of the Joyce Carol Oates book I was reading...We Were The Mulvaneys. It was a wonderful story.

Big gratitude list tonight.

1) Children who hug me and say "I love you-I missed you so much!"

2) Appreciation for simple home cooked meals.

3) Constellations in the bright night skies of the country.

4) Cyber friends who are trudging the road to Happy Destiny.

5) A peaceful home.

6) My husband who loves me, and accomodates whomever I have to dinner.

7) Pets and their unconditional love.

8) Sobriety, in all it's shapes and sizes.

9) Drinking water.

10) Hersheys chocolate syrup in a CAN.

11) My relationship with my Creator.

Wishing you all a warm snuggly night under a quilt....



AlkySeltzer said...

What a 'gratitudinous' Friday.

Hershey in a can, one way to go
Poke a hole in it, drink it slow
Some people wax bombastic
Over tin or plastic
I'll never say to Hershey, "No"
I think it's all fantastic.


I bet the words from the 13 year old, "I'd sure like to come back here sometime" were sweetest music to your ears. Love it.
I'm glad the visit went so well.