Friday, September 5, 2008

Freaky Friday

Chilly here this evening....around 52 now and I wish I had a sweater. Oh well, it's time for bed anyway. Big long day tomorrow and I'm gonna need my rest. :)

P got a call this afternoon telling him his job is over. Now he's unemployed again, and the temp agency said they don't have any openings right now. I'm not ready to have to go through this again. I had a little mini panic this afternoon, and could easily slip into the craziness if I'm not careful. I feel myself going down, and we're going to have to cut back on this, watch that, and just generally bite the bullet again. Who knows how lonbg it will take him to find any work this time? I'm just so tired of it very tired.

I'm grateful to have a home that's paid for. I'm grateful for my disability benefits. I'm grateful to be a survivor.

And that has to be enough for today.

It just has to be.


Anonymous said...

Oh Annie I'm so sorry to hear the bad news. Hugs to you & Patrick.



AlkySeltzer said...

Yes, bad news.
"What is, IS.
What was, WAS.
And what ain't...AIN'T."

At least your house is paid for. So is ours. In a way, that IS comforting, but there's still all the 'other'stuff.

As long as they don't take away my computer and my violin, and my 650cc Burgman Scooter. Without those three, all I'd have left is my wife, and my AA.

Hey, guess that wouldn't be ALL bad!