Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Satiated Saturday

[A Japanese Garden in Decatur.]

Too blessed to be Stressed.

~~So grateful for:

*A cozy evening at home with my husband
*A full stomach
*Windchimes on my porch that are tuned to the key of D
*Getting to listen to 2 relapsers who were struck drunk yesterday
*Knowing that if I do a few simple things, it won't have to happen to me
*The planning stages of the spring Gathering in June
*1 week old kittens who are fat as a tick
*The sunsets we have been enjoying, all purple and red and gold
*The awesome creation I see all around me
*Friends (You know who you are!)
*Being able to live, love and laugh
*For a nice soft bed to jump into--NOW!


1 comment:

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Sounds like a great evening indeed. I love the idea of kittens fat as ticks, great beds to jump into, sunsets, and knowing that if i keep working the steps one day at a time I can keep my gratitude and sobriety. Thank you!