Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday in the Park

[ Frankie Figgs, sleeping on a cold winter's afternoon]

It's been cold and blustery all day. Grandson is here for the weekend, going home tomorrow. Since it was a rainy cold day, we decided to go to the movies to see Monsters VS Aliens. The matinee prices in Litchfield are only 3.50 apiece, and afterwards we went to the Ponderosa for the lunch buffet. We had a good time and it was a fun movie. Then we came home and putzed around for the evening, until right about 9 PM, when the power went out. Then we lit candles and made hot chocolate and played some neverending hands of UNO. It was the lesser of 2 evils....his other choice was Monopoly. Arrgghhh......

Tonight was the Earth Hour, when lots of people turned off their lights for an hour from 8:30-9:30 PM. Wonder how that went? Our power went out all by itself. lol

In the morning we are taking Junior home and then hitting the 10 o'clock meeting. We m,ay be stopping by to pick up a newcomer, but she didn't call today, so ??? We'll see. I didn't go to the meeting I usually attend on Saturday mornings, since Tristan was here. But I was at one on Thursday, and then on Tuesday before that. I might just stay sober....

Mommie Katt and all the babies are asleep by the loveseat. They are so adorable, and are climbing and running and just too sweet. One of them climbs up my pantleg and onto my chest any time I am, sitting down. Then he/she snuggles all up under my chin and puts the little paws on my face. Awwww..... (I am such a sucker.)

Just learned that someone I know has decided to go the Marijuana Maintenance route. we never learn ? I want to just smack her. I have to speak my piece about this...I have seen so many people start like this and wind up dead. So many. You just can't do it. It's not the way this thing works, and that's all there is to it. I want to scream at her--"Quit fu(*%%ng around before you wind up on a slab....." Of all the people I know, who SHOULD know this thing is life and death for us...she's the one. It breaks my heart, that's all. I have watched way too many people die in the almost 19 years I have been here. I take this shit personally....

I need to hit the hay. 7:30 is gonna come mighty early and it's 1 AM now.

I'm blessed to know people who convinced me that I could be sober if I would put down all the crutches and stop looking for loopholes. I'm grateful that I believed them.

I'm blessed to have gotten here face down in the dirt.

I'm grateful for every shot, every drug, every man, everything I ever did...that brought me here.

I'm blessed that God watches out for fools and drunks, because I have been and still sometimes am--BOTH.

I'm grateful that I survived my life to get sober, even if my mom and dad never got to see it.

I'm blessed to have a husband and many friends that are sober and understand matter how ridiculous I get.

I am grateful to have a spirit that sometimes sings....



steveroni said...

Annie, even though I AM a lover of cats--that didn't sound Right!--I'm a CAT LOVER. Anyway, the second half of your blog is the one which makes me truly excited to be meeting you--and others--in June. I mean, we sure think alike on lots of AA topics and issues! It's great to get together sometimes with like minds. June is not as far in the future as it seemed in early January, ya know?
Steve E.

Akannie said...

O'Roni....I know just what you mean. (And you know the saying, great minds stink alike...) And I am feeling June hurtling down the corridors of the calendar! Getting more excited about meeting you and Anna every day. Now, if I could just get that Gabi girl here, my life would be perfect!!!!! lool Kristin?? You too!! C''ll be fun...I

Gabriella Moonlight said...

OMG this is the sweetest thign I've read in a long time..Annie you are the best and I so want to come and meet you all...I have to see wht work is and all, thank you so much for being so you!