Thursday, March 5, 2009


And what a Thursday it was! 65 degrees here in the heartland, with promises of low 70's the rest of the weekend. Unbelievable...

My darling grandson is coming to spend the night on Friday and will be here through Sunday. We have such fun...and he gets his animal fix. He is so excited about the new kittens he can barely speak. lol He called me on Monday and said he didn't have school because it was a holiday for some guy. Cashmere Sweater. No, wait. Not Sweater, he said, giggling. Some Polish guy. Turns out it is Casimir Pulaski and it's got something to do with the Revolutionary War. Seems that the holiday came about because Chicago has the largest Polish population outside of Poland, and this guy was some big deal. Anyway, clown boy had me laughing...

Things are quiet here right now, the way I like it. Doggies are outside doing their final business before retiring for the nmight. Sick kitten is much better and having been thoroughly medicated for the night, has curled up on the ottoman. Assorted and sundry cats are napping wherever they please, and one little mama kat is making her babies cry as she settles down in the box to feed them. I pulled the little yellow guy out today, and he is fat as a tick. So, they seem to be eating well and healthy.

I am ready for sleep, lots of minor chores for tomorrow before going to pick up angel-boy at 3:15.

I was playing some really beautiful Native flute music today by Carlos soothed my soul, as native flutes always do. I'm grateful to have a spirit to comfort. And grateful to be able to sit and listen to great music.

Sweetest of dreams, all....


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steveroni said...

Annie, what a settling and peaceful writing (last night). Wondering if cats like BBQ? From my recollection they DO like fresh chicken (or duck) innards--by "fresh", I mean FRESH!

As each month goes by, I'll remind you--in case you'd ever forget that you are 'hosting' this year!

Need to drop you a line--no bait, no hook,just a line -grin! No, not THAT kind of "line".
Steve E.