Sunday, March 1, 2009

Suddenly Sunday

Whew. A full day of Area Assembly and committee meetings and reports. Took a drive over to my brothers before coming home and a light supper with them. Stayed for only about 3 hours, since the drive home is over 2 hours and we l;eft all the dogs in as it was so cold today. The wind was brutal and the wind chill fractor for most of the day brought the temps down to single digits. Must say, when we finally got home, 14 hours later, no one had made a mess in the house, with the exception of a magazine Pat had left on the couch. (That just makes it his fault, right?) But I was impressed with the puppies and their amazing bladder control ! I had put some piddle pads down, but they didn't use them.

I am so exhausted I am going right to bed. But I wanted to stop in and say Happy March and send blessings and good wishes to all.

I am crabby and tired and my body hurts hurts hurts. It's hard for me to ride for too long and andall that sitting takes a toll too. BUt--it's done and all's well in my world...



Zanejabbers said...

Hope your Hurt feels better today.

LivingSimply47 said...

Hi Akannie!!
You Always leave the sweetest comments!! Thank you so much. Always a pleasure when you stop by. The roundtable discussion sounds like it is going to be a very interesting time. I look forward to hearing about it. Know that if I am not around I'm either somewhere with my head stuck in the books or trying to tend to the everyday things!! If you post about the discussion, give me a holler so I won't miss it!! Continued success to you and hubby!! Here's to our sticking as close to the simple as we possibly can!! Hope you are feeling better and hurting less!
Till next time,