Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wicked Good Wednesday

Wicked the French Quarter in old New Orleans !!

I love days of blue skies and cold crisp air. Especially when I can mostly watch it from inside my house. Even the snow out there is a dazzling white hot white. It's now frozen hard and crunchy and the pup doesn't even leave a mark as she skates across it.

I cooked and I cleaned and I entertained an old acquaintance today. I did not get the baking done for the potluck tomorrow, but I was debating about whether to wait and do the deed on the day anyway. That decision was made for me by the sudden appearance of an old high school friend.

I love the fact that people around these parts just assume they can call and say--hey, I'm by your house. Okay if I drop in? I have lived in lots of places where folks do not do that sort of thing. It's rather endearing. Much like when the old farmers always give you that 2 finger wave as they pass you in their tractors. I love that. It's's so...Midwestern. I guess.

I feel blessed to come from this hardy stock. I always have, even when I didn't want to live here. I am blessed to have a good work ethic and a sense of right and wrong and the common sense that has [mostly] served me so well in this life.

I feel blessed to be able to read and appreciate great literature.
I feel blessed to love and appreciate music. Of all kinds. Mostly.
I am blessed to know that gratitude is a gift I get to open every day.
I am blessed to know that I am blessed. To not just wander around in that state of oblivious bewilderment. To not ever have to be a victim again.

I wish the world peace.



Dave King said...

Sounds ideal. I envy you living in such a place.

Prayer Girl said...

I'm still a little too much of a perfectionist to be comfortable with people dropping in unannounced.

Sometimes it's O.K., but I really prefer a "heads up". I'll get working on that. It means I either need to become less of a perfectionist or I need to clean and straighten my house more frequently.

Akannie said...

LOL...PG-I'm afraid I know the answer to that question for me too.

Hey, Dave--good to see you!! Thanks for stopping in.