Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Wed-nes-day in Feb-ru-ary

[Beautiful brown ex-large eggs from my Rhode Island Reds]

What a bunch of weird words we have in this fractured and bastardized version of the Queen's English!! lol I do know that Wednesday is a form of Woden's Day from the olde calendar. Still...

It was a busy and productive day today. Had an impromptu meeting with the scorned young (ish) man who started out by screaming at me. I looked at him and said "Excuse me, but I wouldn't scream at ME if I were YOU. It won't get you anywhere." He looked at me shocked. And then yelled, "I'M NOT SCREAMING AT YOU!!!" A guy walked by and said, uh-yea, dude--you are. lol

I saw my poor bone cruncher who is making slow but sure progress on my twisted frame. He just shakes his head sadly and says "I'll see you next week, my little challenge."

I got 2 new tires for my car, and will get the other 2 in a couple of weeks. They are too pricey for me to lay out the money all at once right now. I went to my Indian guy, and he was only able to save me about 40 bucks over what the dealership said. (It occurs to me that I ignorantly said he was Pakistani, which he is not, and which is also a bone of contention with Indians.) At any rate, I cannot believe how much better the car rides with 2 new tires on the front and the better 2 of the 4 old ones on the back. 2/3 of the shaking and shimmying is gone.

It is colder than heck here tonight with a single digit wind chill. Hope it warms up some tomorrow.

I was thinking about how blessed we are in so many ways. I am being constantly updated by friends from Australia on the horrific wildfires and heat wave down there. I have said prayers 'round and 'round for the east side of the continent. It is tragic. I shouldn't complain about some cold...I'm thinking these are opportunities to embrace the fact that I have plenty of long johns and heat in my house. I was thinking, as I watched a young couple in the tire place, begging him to find them at least one used tire, becasue the steel belt was showing on their little car and they could not afford more than 45 dollars for that tire. The girl was biting her lip about to cry, as she jiggled a baby on her hip. The baby was fussy, and they were all thin. I'm blessed to have the money to buy at least 2 tires when I need them and know that I can get the other 2 next month. I'm blessed to have enough food in my pantry that I can share with a friend who is going through a hard time. I told her to come with a bag and we'll stock her little pantry a ways. I have food in my freezer and I have canned goods (both home canned and store bought) and I have rice and beans and oatmeal and more than enough to keep from starving. I keep thinking that I need to start canning some meats, like chicken and pork, just to have some jars of canned stuff on the shelf that doesn't need refrigerating. The next time I find a great sale on chicken, I think I'll start with that. The local stores often have the 10 # bags of leg and thigh quarters for as lowq as 49 cents a pound. It's all dark meat, but that's okay with me--it's the most flavorful anyway! And that canned chicken could be used for pot pies, for soups, for chicken and dumplings, chicken name it. Same with the cooked pork. I find pork roasts for very reasonable prices and use it for Carnitas, burritos, and any number of Jamaican stews. It would be very convenient to have some already cooked on the shelf. And both of those, because they are pressure canned, would be very tender and flavorful. I should get on that. *wink

Well, I am blessed. And I am grateful. And grattiude is a gift I choose every day. Try it. You might be amazed before you are halfway through....



Queenneenee said...

yes, how quick we forget our blessings. Well I do anyway. We are truly blessed. I too need tires and could go out today and get them. I won't but I COULD. I have to finish cleaning my dump, and make it al purty again. I am grateful for my dump and everything in it. Even the dirt. Thanks for a great post, and for giving that guy a piece of your mind! At least now he knows hes busted. I despise 13 steppers.

Andrew said...

So I gather this is Studdley from yesterday yelling at you today?

Have fun with it! LOL! And the secret security code below is hating. LOL!


Zanejabbers said...

Canning pork and chicken. Never heard of it being done at home. My grandmother canned a lot, but not meat. Beans and rice and oatmeal. I've seen the day when that would have been an overstocked shelf. I am so grateful for that to have been over 50 years ago. Take acare Akannie.

steveroni said...

Math problem:

Gosh, if I'm halfway through, that means I'll be age 110 when I'm all the way through! I am age 75. How many sober years do I have?

Steve E.

and I'M NOT SCREAMING AT YOU, little challenge....

Akannie said...

Oh, Queeneenee...I swear, newcomers are like the people in homes...and you just can't keep them off each other! I hope your dump is all purty now. Were you off today? I spit shined mine here and there.

Zanejabbers--I have never heard of canning oatmeal. They used to can a lot of meat...I have several old farm cookbooks that tell you how. You can even can fish...bleech! There was a time when smoking and canning were the best choices you had.

Yes, Paxaa., was Studley. LOL When I took him outside, he wouldn't even make eye contact with me...I kept having to say "Look at me" lol. It reminded me of the time my Jack Russell Terrorist got herself all wrapped up in a rope and when I tried to get it off her, she was so scared she bit me. This guy is in his 30's for godssakes.

O' must be sober about a gazillion years then? Makes me think of the time that a photographer named Annie qqq was speaking to an incoming freshman class at Vassar or somewhere...she told them, do not hesitate to fall asleep in Algebra class. In the real world, there is no such thng as algebra.. LOL