Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tittilating Thursday

[My beloved Blue Ridge Mountains]

What is it with some of us? (And by some of us, I mean ME). That song comes to mind, old Joni Mitchell, ..."Don't it always seem to go--that you don't know what you've got til it's gone..." I was thinking about how I couldn't wait to leave North Carolina. And now I look at pictures like this one, taken when my oldest grandson came to stay for 2 weeks one sumer, and I miss it like crazy. We did all kinds of totally cool stuff, and he had so much fun. We went gold panning, and we hiked in the mountains, we went to the Carl Sandburg house and we went bowling. lol He and I went up on the Blue Ridge Parkway, up by Sliding Rock, and after a day of playing in the water and sliding down the slick rocks over and over, he took pictures and I let him come home and download everything and we made him a big picture album just before we left to bring him back home. Sigh...

The women's meeting had 3 newcomers again tonight. We read A Vision For You out of the Big Book and discussed the differences between now and then. And discussed the similarities, the jumping off place and the Four Horsemen. It was a good meeting and once again, I came away especially glad to be me and to be sober.

Tomorrow we have a memorial service to go to for our friend that died earlier in the month. We're having a lasagna dinner, a service and then a meeting. Then I have to be back up and ready to chair the Eye Openers meeting at 10 the next morning. It'll be good...

We had some hellacious thunderstorms move thgrough here tonight. Torrential rains that were so bad I drove 20 mph with my flashers on for about 2/3 of the way home from the meeting. Couldn't even see the lines on the road. And it was lightning like crazy...coming into Bunker Hill (last leg of the journey) the smell of sulphur in the air was thick.

I am making the salad for the dinner tomorrow, and will have to go to the store in the morning to get the goodies for it. I'll make a really big one with all kinds of stuff in it. I was gonna stop at the store tonight on the way home (and get gas too) but it was raining so hard I decided to wait until morning.

I am tired and stayed up watching tv longer than usual. Time to get some sleep...



Gabriella Moonlight said...

Sounds like you have some busy times in front of you...sounds like a great meeting and I too love coming away with a gratitude for where I am in my program too!!!

Akannie said...

HI Gabs..

Did you get my message on your cell?? Is there a good time to call?