Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Manic Monday

(Dueling rocking chairs-a must for every homestead!) Click to enlarge

It was a day full. And I mean FULL. lol This is part of the problem...when you live where I do and you try to only go to town a couple of times a week, you have to jam a lot of stuff into that one day. Sometimes it's a little...well... frenetic. And Monday was one of those days.

But, it's done and I'm home and ensconced in my little world once again. We are feeding the neighbor dogs, and they get fed morning and evening, usually around 8 and 5:30...it's not a chore, really, they are sweet dogs and I have the best neighbors in the Universe. But I had to finish up the crazy- packed day and then pick up husband from his 10 hour shift and then come home, feed the dogs, make dinner (actually it was only leftovers tonight, so I got lucky, lol, though I did still make a salad.) and then clean up after dinner and then hit the computer after a little tv with himself.

I love my life. It's full and it's contented and it has it's share of satisfaction-on a lot of levels. I am blessed to be me, and to be happy with that today. 'Twasn't always the case.

I am especially blessed today. In addition to all the things and blessings and people that bless my life, I have the awareness to know that I can go back to that misery any time if I'm not vigilant. Today was a memorial service for another one of us. The verdict is in and his blood alcohol was through the roof. I just hope he died quickly. A broken neck can't be a good way to go, although I'm sure it beats a few other alternatives I can think of offhand.

Time for sleep. I can barely see. I was up at 5 AM and it's been a looooooooong haul today.



yves said...


Just passing by on my search to share thoughts and opinions with other readers of "The kite runner"... Have you read it?
Thanks anyway!

Anonymous said...

I'm just stopping by because I've been a shitty blogger by not checking in on you. I just wanted you to know that I care about you and your life. I miss your comments.


Zanejabbers said...

Yep, it's only a daily reprieve.

steveroni said...

Better to be "busy" than to be "Dizzy"??

Sorry abouot the one-of-us who didn't make it. But he died so others can live, isn't that what we always say?

So let's LIVE! Thank you for being here again today.

Akannie said...

Oh, Heather...I know! There are so many good blogs and so little time, lol. We will make a pact--I will be over in a minute too!

Yves--I have indeed read and was gobsmacked by the Kite Runner. I still haven't read A Thousand Splendid Suns though. I love Indian writings--have you read The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai--or-- The Space Between Us bu Thrity Umrigar ?? Loved them both as well as one I read sopme time ago called The Mistress of Spices, and I cannot recall the author.