Monday, February 2, 2009

Mundane Monday

[One thirsty cat]


A very low key day around these parts. Just the way I like it.

It was warmer, so more snow and ice melted. That's always a good thing. It's much easier getting in and out of the driveay and up the hill now. I have a massage scheduled tomorrow at of my sponsees gave me a gift certificate for Xmas. Yeah, baby--my favorite kind of sponsee...the ones bearing GIFTS!

I had to run out to the Dollar General tonight after supper. I cleaned my big walk in shower today and put the shower curtains in the wash. I had a feeling the liner might not make it. lol I have probably washed it (with bleach, of course) 10 times. Vinyl doesn't have a very long shelf life when you treat it like that. lol It was pretty much shredded. Anyway, I ran there and got a new one. When I got back, I hooked up the babydawg to the leash to take her outside to potty. We pretty much just danced around the front yard and she pawed at the snow and had a ball, and just when she finally settled down to pee, a pack of coyotes set up an ungodly bunch of racket. It scared the living bejeezus outta her (and me) and Patrick even heard it from in the house where he was watching tv. He came to the door and said --Crikey! We called the dogs back in and beat feet back into the house. They sounded really close. And all the dogs in the neighborhood were up in arms.

This afternoon I saw 2 red tailed hawks fighting in the air over the back yard. All the critters seemed to be off kilter today...the chickens wouldn't come out of the coop either for the longest time this morning. (That could have been because of the hawks, now that I think about it).The cats have been acting funny. My neck is stiff and sore and I'm wondering if there might have been or we are getting ready for some earthquake activity. I have serious physical reactions up to and during earthquakes. I'm very sensitive to the changes in the magnetic field or something. I'll talk about all that some day...not tonight.

But for now, we're all settled in comfy and cozy. The kitchen is cleaned up, all the critters (fish, bird, cats and dogs) are fed and watered and cleaned up. Hubby's lunch is made and since I'm getting up at zero dark thirty I'll make breakfast in the morning.

Am I grateful today?? You bet I am.

Am I feeling especially blessed today? Oh, yeah.

I'm grateful for all the little things in life that make me pause and consider life. Things like hawks and coyotes and knowing that I am part of the circle of life. Having a buoyant sense that I am an integral part of God's plan, even if I haven't figured out the details yet.

Today is the Feast of Brigid (is that right, 'weezy?) And in honor of that, I shall leave you with a poem that I wrote years ago.

I feel like putty

In the hands of some great Potter.

Make me what you will...but HURRY.

The suspense is killing me.


J-Online said...

I love the picture!

Prayer Girl said...

Love the picture.
Love the poem you wrote.
Hope no earthquakes are brewing.

Thanks for the post.

Zanejabbers said...

Poor doggie. Just got the piss scared back into her. Enjoy your day.