Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday at the Races...

That's what it felt like today. It's a little after midnight and I am whipped.

  I was up and out early this morning, like 7:30 AM. I had some specific errands to run and wanted to get back here as soon as possible. Naturally, that didn't really work out as I'd hoped.  lol   But I did get the replacement bulb for the aquarium, some more chicken breasts, gassed up the car and  spent too much time futilely looking for those damn whirligigs that you stick in the ground. (Never did find them).

  I got home around 10:30, and as soon as  I put things away, I headed for the mower. I mowed the front yard and all the side yards, leaving the back for the Irishman to do.It took me close to an hour to recover from that, as it was about 89 degrees out there with a thousand percent humidity. I've been a little off ever since.

  Then  I got started canning the chicken by about 2. AFTER a cool shower and some water and food and sitting a bit. I had to put ice on my knee too.  I had 18 pounds of chicken breasts to can, and I canned half of them raw pack (with no liquid added) and the other half I partially cooked and added chicken broth. They turned out nicely and we'll see how they taste when I open one. I wound up with 7 pints and 5 quarts.

  Someone sent me a link on canning BUTTER.  Have you ever heard of such a thing? She says it keeps about 3 years !! What a great idea !!!!

  Well, the kitchen is mostly cleaned up (good enough for tonight) and husbandman is in bed already. We watched The King's Speech with Colin Firth and it was magnificent. I cooked giant hamburgers for supper, that we ate with no bread and whatever we could find. (I was still in the middle of the chicken mess...the jars take 70 and 90 minutes [respectively] to process.).

  And now I am ready for bed.

  Sweet dreams, all y'all....



Rita said...

Whoohoo! I hope you show us pictures of the canned chicken after all that work. And on top of mowing, too.

Canned butter?! Never heard of that, either! Funny--this all makes me think of the bomb shelters people had in the 60s. I bet they would have loved to have canned chicken and butter. ;)

In the 90s (heat and humidity) here, too. I can't imagine mowing out there in this. You're a brave woman! Sleep well. :)

DJan said...

You are an amazing woman, Annie. Sometimes I can't believe how much you accomplish in one day. But it's funny how much I look forward to hearing about it and thinking how it would be to be YOU! Hope you slept as well as I did...