Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday? Really?

 I am working on my day off today and I don't wanna go...I DON'T WANNA GO !!!!!!!!!!

  Now that I have that out of my system...

  This morning I was up at the butt crack of dawn again.  I have been to take my husband a Subway sandwich to eat on his way to his Sierra Club meeting directly after work, shopped for sundries and groceries, put away most of the aforementioned items, and am sitting down taking a break for a minute.  I am already exhausted and am supposed to leave work an hour early and drive to Litchfield, 40 miles away to meet up with some friends tonight at 8 PM.    Do I really think I will have the energy for that???????   I'm trying to find the energy to vacuum up all the tumbling dog hair floating around my house. It very well might NOT happen...

  There are flowers on the green beans today. The spinach is bolting already. I saw squash bugs crawling around the base of the zucchinis, so I need to get some goojuice made and get it sprayed out there before they take over.  Not sure off the top if I need to make up something besides the regular onion/garlic/cayenne spray or not. I'll have to check the books. But everything is going gangbusters out there. The lilies are all flowering like mad too...all mauve and gold and butter yellow and the tiger lilies too. Yesterday I made a salad out of all garden stuff...lettuce and spinach and kale and radishes and baby carrots and green onions.  It was awesome.  I made that salad and sweet potatoes from last years garden and salmon patties, and homemade applesauce.  Yum!

  I have been saving egg shells and drying them to crush around the bases of the tomato plants. Tomatoes LOVE extra calcium and that does the trick. One more way to recycle our own stuff. I wonder if the calcium content of brown eggshells is higher than that of their white shell counterparts?  Anyone know the answer to that?  They also say sprinkling epsom salts around the tomatoes is good, but I can't remember why.   Some years I take all the stuff from my compost bucket that sits by the sink, put it in the blender with a little water and liquefy it, then go pour it on the gardens. But-some years I am way too lazy to take the time to do that regularly. I usually plant lots of marigolds and nasturtiums around the garden beds too, and I still haven't done that. One year I interplanted zinnias, marigolds and something else all through my garden was beautiful! I am a big believer in companion planting.

 I woke up with a stiff neck and have just soaked myself in IcyHot.'s an old earthquake indicator when I lived on the west coast...I could almsot predict quakes within a few hours, and sometimes days if they were really big ones coming. My body reacts to the changes in the magnetic field, the experts tell me. It makes me feel like a circus

  After 3 days in the ICU, MissB is home again. She reacted horribly to the stress of being out of her familiar environment...turned into a little monster. We had to sit with her, and I couldn't believe they let us be there around the clock, but I guess they couldn't deal with her  either.  She was eerily calm after coming home and being with her dog and kitties again.  She confided to me that she didn't know what happened or where she was, but she was never leaving her house again. Bless her heart. She was swearing and ripping the cardiac monitor leads off every 10 minutes.  She got mad as hell when the doctor wouldn't let her come home the first day.  lol  Being a part of all this sure makes me want to do whatever I possibly can to take care of my health and not take this path.  My own parents didn't live long enough to go through this Altzheimers/dementia stuff...I have a lot of friends who are trying to care for elderly parents with it, and it is heartbreaking. I always tell my son, if I live long enough to get like this--just set me out on an ice flow and give me a shove.  They say there are things you can do...learning new things, crosswod puzzles, stuff like that that continually makes new grooves in your brain and opens new neuron networks I guess.  I may just learn to crochet

  Well, I'm going to finish putting groceries away and maybe make a pan of brownies. Then I'm gonna eat the rest of that salad for my lunch and maybe even take a little catnap before I have to head down the road. It's a sunny 86 degrees today...but supposed to rain again tomorrow (on my day off, naturally).  Sigh....oh well. There's no going up against Mother Nature...that hussy wins every time.  SO I get to sit back and accept it all....



Kristin H. said...

The magnesium sulfate of the salts is what does the trick for your plants...and your neck, too! I highly recommend Epsom Salt baths to all my massage clients. Its sedating to the nerves and softens the muscle.

Rita said...

The butt crack of dawn--ROFL!

Now I'm wondering if you will make it to meet with your friends tonight?

The garden sounds absolutely resplendent and delightfully healthy!! I know nothing about gardening, so am totally useless in that area. Only know how to eat from one--LOL!

Poor Miss B. My one grandmother lived to be 104, but she had lost both long and short term memory and didn't know any of us anymore. I guess I best keep trying to learn new things!

Yes, that Hussy is in charge. I hope your earthquake indicator doesn't mean anything. We had a small quake up here by Alexandria, Minnesota a few months ago! Who knew!

Have a great day off--rain or not! ;)

Gabriella Moonlight said...

What is interesting is how Ms. B reminds me of my great was pretty much the same thing with her as she aged and dementia took over...she got more than honery.

Maybe instead of earthquakes you can predict floods and storms. My body will be fine and suddenly ache like the devil before a storm and a huge barometric shift.

Hope you're hanging in to you.

fullfreezer said...

Ah, the old ice floe trick- I'll be right there with you. And I so hear you with the old mother nature screwing you over thing. Happens every time- what's up with that????

DJan said...

You attitude is exemplary. Sort of like making lemonade out of lemons. I love to read your description of the day, it makes me feel like I'm right there.

Oh, that salad from your garden sounds really yummy. I suspect that eggshells are pretty much the same, no matter what their color. Good idea of a way to recycle them.