Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Flowering Tuesday...

  You can see, however, that all this rain has surely lushed things up. I have been out taking pictures this morning on my rounds...feeding chickens, filling dog and cat bowls with water and good food from the farm store, checking the hummingbird feeders too. Not putting out much bird seed this time of year, as there's way too much of the good stuff out there for them from Mother Nature. (I just try to help--not take over).  lol

  Here's a close up of the glorious bee balm flowers...I have them planted near the end of my back deck, and they are taking over the giant hosta bed.  I just think they're magnificent. There are a lot of flowers too, here's the bed...
 Can you imagine how they'd be if I ever fertilized them?? I do nothing....

  The chicken run is smelling nasty and soured from all the rain. I may go out there and scatter some cedar chips that I have left. I tried putting straw out there, but it just mats up and gets nastier yet. The stench is bad...the Irishman calls it that "fresh country air".  lol

  This is one of the gaggle of volunteer sunflowers that came up in the front yard. There are about 20 of them, maybe more, and they are blooming away. I love the cheery nature of these flowers, not to mention they are an automatic bird feeder!

  This is one of my old fashioned hollyhocks. They are all out by the driveway and in back by the chicken coop where I transplanted some last year.  They come in pink, white and I thought I had some purple ones last year, but I could be dreaming. I just love them, and they bloom nearly all summer. The only problem with them is that Japanese beetles love them and destroy their leaves.

  This is feverfew, a medicinal plant that I think is so pretty. I plant it everywhere I live. I am so blessed to live in the country!

  Here's one of my MANY daylilies...a gift, I'm sure, from either Dorothy or Dianne. I have them tucked in all over the place. They are bright and cheerful and remind me of my childhood midwestern summers.

  This is one of the big butter yellow lilies, planted in my yard by my friend Melissa, who died this past month.  I'll never be able to look at it without thinking of her...

  And finally, one of several Stella de Oro lilies that have found their way around my yard.

  It was fun tromping around out in the wet grass in my long skirt and bare feet. Look how clean they are!!

Alright. Enough playing around.  I'm going to go cook up a  feast for the Irishman for his supper...chicken tacos and red beans and rice and a salad. mmmm...I did get the mountains of dog hair vacuumed, btw...just in case you wondered!  lol

 Be Blessed!


the wild magnolia said...

My visit today was fabulous. I love, love, love, all of your flowers. Especially, the old fashioned hollyhocks.

You are blessed indeed to live in the country with lush soil and rain aplenty.

Happy day & be blessed!

DJan said...

Oooohhh! Those flowers are just wonderful. And the hummers are wild over bee balm, so they should be coming by soon. That picture of your pretty feet and long skirt is just lovely and made me smile.

Andrew said...

You are truly Blessed with all the Beauty around you.

Cloudia said...

what a bounty of beauty!

Aloha from Honolulu :)

Comfort Spiral




Judi said...

So, you're a good cook AND you have a green thumb! The flowers are lovely!

Akannie said...

Thanks, WM....the hollyhocks are my favorite too!

DJa...that's the l;ast old hippie dress I have. And it is falling apart. I cannot find them anywhere around here...I may have to take a trip to Portland. lol

Paxaa...and with friends like you too! xoxoxox

Cloudia...they are beautiful, aren't they? The Hollyhocks are almost reminiscent of hibiscus, aren't they?

Judi--lol. What can I say????

Rita said...

Beautiful flowers. My dad used to plant tiger lilies on one side of the house. No country for us--suburbs. You ARE lucky to live in the country. ;)

Lovely old hippies dress and pretty painted toes. Made me giggle. Hope you had a yummy dinner with the Irishman and he noticed all the dog hairballs were gone. :)