Friday, June 17, 2011

Finally Friday...

   I just like the concept.

It's been a rainy Friday, from the time I got up this morning til about 2 hours ago. Heck, it could be raining out there right now for all I know.  lol   I had quite the exciting day, a chicken on the loose to start it off, and I had a breakfast date, so spent  about 10 minutes trying to catch her before giving up. I told the dog to make sure she stayed OUT of my garden, or I'd cook them both for supper.  The goofy hen stayed right on the far side of the coop, clucking her stupid brains out. She was in hog heaven, in a clump of ferny woodsy stuff that had to seem like Paradise.  When the Irishman got home from work today we went out back and got her back in.

  I had a lovely breakfast with a young man (younger than my son) that I adore. We stayed yakking over coffee for an hour and a half. Then went to a meeting  and he headed for work and I headed for home immediately after.  I stopped off at my favorite little market and bought some beautiful pork chops for supper. We fixed a grand salad from the garden, corn on the cob and oven baked pork chops. I can't tell you how satisfying it is to eat straight from the garden again. (I say this every year). lol  I only wish the pea pods were ready to eat...the crazy weather hasn't helped them. It was a late spring that turned hot hot, then cold, then really hot again. Now it's the wettest spring on record and cool again.  The plants look good (the peas) but they aren't making peas yet. The spinach on the other hand, is starting to bolt already.  Todays salad had some spinach, lettuces, kale, radishes, cucumbers, green onions, chives, basil, baby carrots and zucchini in it.  Yum.

 I can't believe some days how many really strange people I know.

It's 71 degrees right now, and more storms are on the way they say. I am cozy in my little house, the floors got vacuumed and the worst of the dog hair is off the furniture.  If the power goes out, all the better. I can get more done and even catch up on some reading.  I need to get back on track with my housekeeping...I may start using the Flylady website again. Years ago, somebody told me about her. I was living in North Carolina and working all the time and I was expressing my amazement at my friends house always being so clean. She worked as much as I did!  She said her secret was the Flylady.  She wrote down the web address for me and I gave it a go.  It turned out she (Flylady)  lived very close to where I lived! Anyway, lots of little tricks that I still use, but I haven't actually followed a plan since I retired from the work world.  Now that I'm back out there, I'm thinking maybe I should get back on board.  It sure makes everything a lot me, at least. Check her out, if you get overwhelmed and your house gets out of'll be glad you did.

  Well, I may get to bed a little early tonight. I have been doing a better job of being in bed BEFORE 1 AM lately. It makes a world of difference in how I feel.  I can still only lie in bed for 5-6 hours...but I'm getting more restful sleep, I think.  I like getting up early, I take my morning cup of coffee and head out to the back deck, overlooking my gardens, or if I'm feeling really adventurous, I head on down to my little overgrown meditation area...a small iron table and chairs down at the point by the pond, sitting on a mossy bank, with windchimes softly tinkling.  The birds sing to me, I can hear the chickens softly talking amongst themselves, and in the distance the owls are hooting...calling across the fields and meadows for their prospective mates. I love this time of year... 

 The Jingacat has decided the only place he can sit is perched on my chest, making it really hard for me to type.  So--I guess I am finished for the night.

  Sweet dreams, all....


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Rita said...

What a lovely post! From the escapee hen to Jingacat on your chest. :)

I had never heard of Flylady, but I am blessed/cursed with a bit of OCD and annoying anal tendencies, so my place is pretty organized. I probably am due for another cleansing, tho--where I go thru and get rid of stuff I haven't used for a few years. FreeCycle is awesome!

Your garden sounds wonderfully delicious. What a perfect day! :)