Thursday, June 23, 2011

A cool Thursday

  One of the apples on my fruit lawn tree. lol  It has quite a few this year...

  It is a chilly morning. Well--relative chill. About 66 right now at10:30 AM and cloudy. Perfect grass mowing weather, if I could just get out there and do it. But I have all these grand ideas of OTHER stuff I could clean and grocery shop (a local store has chicken breasts -bone in- for .99/lb) and I probably need to go get those.  If I thought I could be sure that the Irishman would mow this evening, I might risk it.  But in his head, he's already on vacation, I'm afraid.

  I have friends possibly coming out tomorrow afternoon. Not sure that I can count on that, because, know how people are. And these 2 are plans they make. Like changing them at the last minute. I've known them for a couple of years, out and about, but they've never been to my house before.  We'll see.

   I have lots of weeding that needs done as well. And a friend who is very broke right now and is fishing for some work. I may just take him up on it.  I could pay a little....might not be enough, or he might be grateful for anything. Won't know until I ask, I guess.  I'm always afraid of offering too little...I know I feel MY own time is more valuable than other people think it is.  lol Times are hard these days for everyone, I guess. And we all need to feel like we can share least, that's how I look at it.

My spare change jar (that I just cashed in to give the Irishman a little extra pocket money in WI) contained over 65 dollars this time.  It has a label on it that says:

     This is an abundant Universe.
     I always have more than I need.
     I always have wealth to share.

  A good reminder, there are always things I can share. No matter what.

  Okay. Enough of this dilly-dallying.  I have a massive dog hair eradication project to embark upon. Groceries to shop for.  And decisions to make about the nature of my grass mowing--as in, who's gonna do it?  lol

  I am off for 2 days and will have plenty of leisure to get things done without killing myself over it. That in itself is a relaxing thought. Tomorrow I will spray the veggies...altho this cool snap might just take care of some of the imminent problems for me. (It's really not THAT cool...I just am chilly in here with the fans blowing on me....) sheesh...

  My chickens and cats and dogs love the days I am home because they get extra attention.

  Even the cockatiel Chico seems to know when I'm going to be here to chat with him all day and whistle back and forth like we do. He's been singing me love songs all morning.

  I have more beautiful butter yellow lilies open this morning ut front around the bird bath and the feeder pole.  The flowers are HUGE. So bright and cheerful. No signs of flowers on the Rose of Sharon yet...but the bush itself looks grand.

  I pruned the bejeezus out of it this spring, and was a little concerned since I usually prune it in the fall.  Worked out fine though. Mother Nature, while very exacting sometimes, can be very tolerant as well.  Thank Goodness.

  Have a fine day y'all...rain or no rain, sun or no sun.




Andrew said...

I'm feeling pretty cool myself this Thursday.

The yard and the Flora looks alive and lovely.

All the very best to you dear one.

the wild magnolia said...

A cool visit, lush greens are healing in themselves, I had fun!

Thank you for sharing!

Enjoy your time off.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I love this post, enjoy your time off and hopefully the weather will be good! It's steamy here, but that's how summers are here, I am working (SLOWLY) to adjust!

That apple looks amazing!!!


Rita said...

I was so sick of the humidity that when I got the fans and could close the place up and turn on the AC and it be cool enough for me to sleep--well, I'm staying inside for a while. We have more rain predicted this weekend and it is still around 60% humidity--I am inside where the humidity is less and the temps are stable and my bones don't ache so badly--ROFL!! I really sound like an old fart, don't I?

Have some great "you" time this weekend!!! Spoil yourself! Do something extravagant or silly or indulgent!! Hope you have good weather. :):)