Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday's Child ...

   Closing out a long, interesting day...

  I was up early after major storms all night Saturday. Horrendous lightning and thunder and heavy rains. The house was lit up like it was noontime, and the animals were all scared to death. So, naturally, I wound up with a queen sized bed full of dogs and cats.  lol

   My phone rang at about 10 til 8 this morning and it was my son, saying he thought he'd come over this morning, and did I have any coffee made yet?  As a matter of fact, I did. I asked if he wanted some breakfast too, and he laughed and said no, he'd already eaten. He lives about 20 minutes from us, and so he was here in a flash and we sat around talking until about noon.

  Naturally, that pretty much ate up my morning, and it was too late to start any kind of projects before I had to leave for MissB's house, so I did a little dusting, lit some incense and picked up some clumps of dog hair, and called it a day. Made myself a wonderful brunch of steak and eggs and toast and ate like a queen. 

  Felt like there were a million things I'd hoped to get done this weekend and didn't. The weather has not been cooperating (for me or nearly anyone else, it seems), and I am hoping tomorrow will be better. Tonights rain has not materialized (so far), so maybe that is a good omen. Supposed to be back up to 90 tomorrow with high humidity...and possibly rain in the evening. Enough with the water, already!

 The Irishman has called me every day from Wisconsin and twice today.  This is not typical of him when he goes on a trip. He will be home sometime tomorrow evening, probably while I'm at work.  I thought maybe tomorrow morning I will bake him a pie...I have missed him and am glad he's on his way back to me. I know he has had a great time with his family, and it seems that at the christening this morning, baby Lily reached down while they were holding her for the ceremony, and splashed water all over the minister from the christening  basin. That's my girl.  LOL

  MissB is getting worse quickly...her memory is  slipping more every day. Today's average length of remembering anything recent was about 6 minutes. It made for an interesting day. The human brain is a complex thing, and watching this progression up close and personal is really making me pay attention to information about avoiding this epidemic disease. Another friend of mine was telling me yesterday (she's a tad older than me) that she cannot remember anything any more without a list, and has come across information about thyroid problems (for which she has been medicated  for years) causing this to happen. She confronted her doctor about the results of her tests and asked him if he had done the newer T3 (or is it T4)? tests and he sighed at her and said...oh now....she said she nearly slapped him. She had to demand that he do this particular test and he finally agreed. She is getting very scared, and we talked about how imperative it is for women to be proactive in their own health care.

  Well, I am ready to lay these old bones to rest for the night.  Everyone is in and sleeping all around me, and the critters are all fed. Plenty of water and plenty of time to sleep.

  I'm ready...that big old sleigh bed is calling me....

Be Blessed !


DJan said...

I can almost see that bed with all of you in it! And you are right: it's a scary disease for sure, because it takes away what makes you YOU. There's a wonderful book called "Still Alice" by Lisa Genova written from the POV of the Alzheimer's victim. I've read it twice.

Thanks for the pictures of your day. I always enjoy your writing so very much. Hope you had good sleep and enjoy a great day today!

the wild magnolia said...

Flower Power lives on and on, your flower's bless me!

Thank you for sharing! Happy Monday.

Rita said...

What's better than a big old sleigh bed filled with cats and dogs? LOL! :)

So nice that your son came to chat for hours. Isn't it great when they want to spend time with you as adults. Love it!

I wonder about memory, too. My one grandmother lived to be 104, but she had lost both long term and short term memory. Was like having a baby's mind. She didn't care then, but it was hell as she was losing her memory and knew it.

Sounds like you had a nice weekend, but will be happy to see the hubby. That's a very good thing. ;)