Saturday, July 2, 2011

My baby turns 40 today...

(Big bowl of green beans that I picked this morning) I didn't think there were that many ready!

Feels surreal.  I can barely believe that I'm  They are having a big birthday party today at his house, complete with swimming and bbqing and a bonfire. I cannot see him today, but I called him this morning and wished him happy "day you were ripped from my loins" day.  lol.  He told me that he had a dream about me last night, and I had this duck that he named chicken, and I kept losing it and he kept having to come and find it and get it back in my car.

Okay then. He sounded really happy this morning, and there's nothing a mother loves more than that.

  It is hotter than Hades out there. The temps are still climbing and we're supposed to have a heat index of 107 today. I have to work 16 hours today, and will be getting ready to head that way in about an hour. I picked green beans, cukes, basil, sugar peas, and a couple of tomatoes. I was truly shocked by how many beans there were.

  Had company for dinner last night. They provided filets that we grilled and I provided a big garden salad, small red potatoes, and watermelon sorbet for dessert. It was easy and awesome. BUT--I told the Irishman this morning that I will have to modify that recipe a little, because I think it was too sweet. I will definitely make it again though.  My friend picked up a beef tenderloin on sale for me at 6.49/lb...It was a 40 dollar chunk of meat, but I cut it into about 14 - 1 inch thick steaks and froze them this morning.  They were good....but I still prefer my trusty old NY strip...but THEY haven't been on sale for a while.
 Here's the sorbet:

  I spent all day cleaning and cleaned the lr carpet as well yesterday morning....since my new Oreck carpet cleaner came on Thursday.  Jury is out on it...I have 30 days to fall in love with it or send it back.  I also did 5 loads of laundry, 4 of which are [still] hanging on the clothesline. sigh...I realized at about 10 o'clock last night that I had forgotten all about them.  I told the Irishman this morning that he might have to get them down today after he gets back home. We get such heavy dews this time of year, I'm sure the clothes were wet again. lol

  I need to go hit the shower and get myself ready for the long haul.  I really would rather stay here at home in the air conditioning, on the couch,  but duty calls. 

  I will be back online sometime tomorrow, probably evening.  Have a safe and happy holiday weekend, everyone.




the wild magnolia said...

Garden fresh green beans, there is only one time in my life, I had garden fresh green beans. They cook up quicker and the flavor is exquisite.

What a busy schedule you have, a 16 hour day, that is a very long day.

Happy Fourth of July.

Anonymous said...

It took me until the age of 41 to finally enjoy watermelon. Your sorbet sounds delightful.

A happy weekend to you!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

You have a very colorful and warm life from this observation deck! :) Thanks for continuing to share it! :)

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Oh, and I just went to the store yesterday where one of those sample ladies did this tomato, mint and watermelon salad with pine nuts, WOW, it was delicious!!! We got the recipe and plan to make it for our bonfire bbq.

DJan said...

Well, happy birthday to your son, and congratulations to you on raising one! Lordy, that heat sounds impossible to deal with, but that's one reason we moved here to the PNW: less heat but lots more rain.

Rita said...

Happy birthday to your son! Sounds like he's having a good 4-0 party. ;)

There's nothing like fresh green beans out of the garden! Too bad it is so hot! I hope hubby got the clothes down while they were dry. :)

Sounds like the verdict is out on the Oreck. I wondered how they would do with a'll have to let us know what your final decision is.

Long day. I hope you get some R&R time afterwards. Happy 4th! :)