Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday...a new week.

 Here's a glimpse of the things that made my past 4 days so full that I could barely get on the computer!!

Aren't they beauties ??  Grandson, niece and friends grandbaby (friend in the wing chair)

We painted our faces...(If I look pretty rode hard and put away's because, believe me, I was!!) Youngsters take a lot of wonder it's the young people that have children.  lol

And here, is Bella. The grandson's dog that is gonna live with us. For a while?? For EVER ??  who can tell. She's very sweet, 4 months old, and is being taught about boundaries and etiquette by the other dogs and kitties. lol So far, so good...though I do wish she could figure out about peeing outside ALL the time..mostly she's doing okay, if I keep an eye on her.

 The weather has been atrocious. We had 12 people here on Friday for supper and had to stay indoors it was so hot and humid. It went well though, and we had a good time. My niece begged to stay when her parents were ready to leave, so we cajoled and pleaded until they gave in. So for Friday and Saturday nights I had 2 kids to play with. I declared Saturday an "Internet and TV free day" and they looked at me like I had stolen their popsicles. "What are we going to do?" they asked in unison. I laughed my best witch laugh and said that they were going to play like real kids. They went down the road to the bridge and creek and promptly fell in the mud and made a wonderful mess.  When the Irishman got home around noon, we started making plans. We went to see Zookeeper at the movies, played on playground equipment at the park, went to the lake and fished minnows out of the water, went out for pizza and then came home, where we promptly got buckets and headed for the garden, where we picked over 2 gallons of beans, plus some squash (zucchini and crookneck) and cucumbers.

 Later we watched Harry Potter and it was a fine day. Oh yeah...somewhere in there we also painted each others faces with watercolor paints. They both slept like the dead that night. lol  On Sunday, we took the grandson home first (he lives 20 minutes away) and then headed south to meet up with my brother and sister-in-law for lunch at a halfway point between them and us. This was the first time their little girl has slept away from home, so you can imagine how THEY were. She, on the other hand, wasn't ready to leave and wants to know if she can come stay a week before school starts.  LOL  Her daddy got a rather wild look in his eyes...

  Yesterdays heatwave somehow caused an explosion at one of the electric company (not ours) substations, knocking out power in the entire town of Bunker Hill and all outlying areas. We got ours back on (God bless our little rural electrical cooperative!) within 4 hours, but the town was out until this morning, waiting for the big guys to get it back on. It was dangerously hot and humid  and the temps in the house quickly climbed to suffocating mode.  It was already 90 this morning before 10 o'clock...they're saying 101 with heat index of 112. Crikey--that's PHOENIX!!!!!!  lol Hopefully things will be up and running for everyone, as this kind of heat can be dangerous.

  I have a little housekeeping to do and some decisions to make about something and then I will be off to MissB's house in the middle of the afternoon. We have plenty of leftovers for eating, so I do not feel the need to cook, probably for a couple of days. lol Yippee.  There's a big bowl of salad, some Scandinavian potato salad, cucmbers and onions in vinegar, pulled pork,watermelon...mmmmm...good summer eating.

  Taking it easy today.  Should pick beans, but probably won't. Did water the petunias and my big spider plants. And myself. lol  But it's already too much out there. May have a friend coming for lunch...we'll see. If not today, then tomorrow. She's at the doctor just now...

  Have a cool day, all. It's cloudy like it might rain, but I'm not holding my breath. We could [surprisingly] use a little wet.




Gabriella Moonlight said...

You need to have those babies over more often, sounds like you all had a great time!!! What fun and the pics are amazing!!! Thank you for sharing yoru life with us, it helps to know that yes, having kids is for the young!!! I love the internet web/free tv/free day!!! We only have NetFlix streaming so the options are limited, which helps!!! Much love to you and keep us posted on your new baby Bella!
xo G

the wild magnolia said...

Happy sharing.

Apparently heat and humidity is spread far and wide.

Thank you, for sharing.

Rita said...

What a great time--painted faces and all. And nice that you had a day without internet or TV! And you got extra with the two of them, too. I think I would be happy, but totally exhausted--LOL! I think it is a good thing that you won't have to cook for a couple of days. ;) Oh, and the puppy is soooo cute!! :)

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Oh YAY!!! (((jumping up and down and clapping inserted here)))

THAT sound so much like my childhood I want to go do some of it right now!