Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursdays ROCK!!!!!

Oh, only because I get to stay drink all the Sumatran coffee I want!

  It's hot as Hades out there, 100 today with a heat index of 116 they said. O.M.G.

  It has been a roller coaster ride of a day.  My son showed up early to finish the job he was doing for me. He didn't really even start it yesterday, because he spent most of the morning chasing around for a car battery for me. Really, I guess, he was doing the job, not finishing it. lol  If you remember, I had to have a new alternator put in this car last month. At the time, they told me that my battery was old (as batteries go) and that it seemed to be charging okay, but keep an eye on it. Well, Tuesday on the way to MissB's, the battery light came on again. So, I figured it was time for a new one.  My son was coming over on Wednesday for lunch, and he did me the favor of running around trying to find a new battery. It was a challenge, and he had to go to 3 places before finding one. But he got it and came back and installed it for me, and we had lunch and I went to town. About halfway up the road, the battery light came on again. I made it to town and back, with no incident, just that evil little red battery light, grinning at me from the dashboard.

  First thing this morning, after my son came to work on the bathroom, and we had some coffee and a bagel,  I left to go to my friends house where we were supposed to blanch and cut and freeze corn. On the way through town, I pulled in to the mechanic that did the alternator and asked them if they could take a look. I explained to them that we had just put the new battery in yesterday and the light was on again...and they brought out a little tester and hooked it up and said "Hell. The alternator isn't charging." 

  Here's the thing I love most about doing business with local businesses: He never once hemmed and hawed, he asked if I remembered what date it was he put it in (I was able to look through my check register and find it), he never asked for a receipt, he called me by my name and he apologized for the problem. He then said they would fix it today, and that he would drive me home. When the work was done, he drove back out to my house (about 4 miles) and picked me up to take me back to get the car. There was no charge for anything, not even labor. The part, of course was under warranty, but they worked on it (pain in the butt to put on in these little cars) for several hours. Again, as I was leaving, he said to me (Like he did the last time, like he does everytime) "If there's any problem, bring it back. Really sorry again for the inconvenience."

  So, my plans for the day got sidetracked, and I was able to spend my day off at home and taking it easy. I have cleaned a little and put slipcovers back on the loveseat, moved some furniture around and dusted. I went to the garden and picked  tomatoes and bell peppers. It has been a delightful day, all in all.

  I have some big beautiful chicken breasts cooking for supper tonight. There'as a bit of leftover mashed potatoes and I have some summer squash that needs using. We'll have a nice quiet supper, and sit back and try to finish off this horribly hot hundred degree day with some sort of dignity. LOL  The AC is struggling to keep up and it's cool enough in here, but not below 80. Just can't quite get there. But it's a LOT hotter outside, so..there you go.  For some reason, my dryer suddenly wouldn't  work today, I had some clothes in there that needed a bit of fluffing before I could put them away. But the power button won't do anything but a long drawn out er,er,er.... Sigh...if it's not one thing, it's another...

  But--I'll not fret about that right now.  Just now, I'm cool enough and the house is clean enough and the animals are all healthy. And they're saying we might get some rain tomorrow,. so we'll keep our fingers crossed and hope for the very best. They are predicting 2 days of cooler temps (only the mid-to-low nineties!) and then headfirst into another heat wave. This is the worst summer we've had in a longtime around these parts. I've checked on my neighbors, cared for the pets and done what I can.

   Take care in the heat, y'all. It's a barn burner out there!



Kristin H. said...

I love your calm collectiveness about the mechanical breakdowns. I tend to lean toward the hysterical when my cars and appliances fall apart. I really need to work on that. I mean, things happen, right?

the wild magnolia said...

Moment by moment, with ease. Love your attitude.

Hope this finally fixes your car.

Happy Thursday evening.

DJan said...

That is so incredible, the whole car thing. If I had someone who would treat me like that, I would have had a heart attack, just from the unexpectedness of it. And I am glad for you that a cool down is on the way. it's really hot there!

Cloudia said...

full day
full LIFE!

Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral


> < } } ( ° >

< ° ) } } > <

Rita said...

I had a mechanic in a small town like that once. You never forget it! :):) Now, if you could just have a dryer repairman who is as nice.

It's cooled off up here in Fargo. Only in the 80s during the day. Right now it is 66 degrees this morning, but a sticky 75% humidity. So I am still inside with the AC on. Been a strange summer, indeed. Stay cool!!! :)