Friday, July 22, 2011

Freaky Friday

 Look at the hair on that dog, wouldja??  And she's the one that never wants to come in when it's so dang hot.

 It has been a weird day since the minute the Irishman woke me up to tell me that the truck wouldn't start and he needed to take my car to work at Zero Dark Thirty this morning. I groggily told him okay and be careful and leave the truck keys.  (Don't ask me why. Not like I'm a freakin' mechanic or anything...). I got up shortly after he left, although I really wasn't ready to be awake.  So you can see...I moved through the rest of the day like it was a Twilight Zone episode. lol  I haven't really accomplished much, though I have done a few things that needed doing. The slipcover is back on the chair. The laundry is almost finished. The filter on the ac/furnace has been vacuumed.  That's about it, I'm afraid.

  Very hot out there again...though maybe not as hot as it has been.  I haven't really stayed out long enough to know.  We are going to the Harry Potter movie this afternoon (matinee) and then going to a restaurant called Salsa's Bar and Grill for supper. It's up in Carlinville, which is the county seat here. It's about 25 miles away, I'd guess. But then...everything is.  lol  Salsa's is right on the historic courthouse square, smack in the middle of town. It's got great food and a great atmosphere and we've not been there in a while. So it will be great.  

  My son called to tell me the jalapenos I sent home with him were incredibly hot.  He said he called to thank me, 'cause he's loving them. He's going to split the rest of them open, stuff with cream cheese, wrap in bacon and cook them on the grill tonight. That's my boy.  I'm sure they're so hot because of this brutal drought we're in. 

  The Irishman says he has all the plumbing stuff he needs to get the water put in for the backyard this weekend.  HURRAY!!!!!!!!  IT could really happen.... we'll see.

  Okay. I have to get showered and dressed for a date with my handsome husband. He's in green shorts and a Key Largo not THAT dressed. lol  If I wasn't so fat, I'd wear a summer dress. As it is, I'd feel funny all I'll just dress in some casual capris and a flow-y top probably.

  Happy weekending, all y'all....and Mz.Moon...have a wonderful trip to my old stomping grounds!



Kristin H. said...

Enjoy your evening :)

DJan said...

Hope you enjoy the movie and the night on the town. I know you will let us know, right?

the wild magnolia said...

Happy weekend o you too!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

This sounds like my day, the heat is so much that it's made life a bit freaky...but so glad you had a date night and you are not fat and wear the dress...wear the are gorgeous!

I love me some hot jalepenos...

xo and much love

Rita said...

My bland Swedish taste buds would pass on anything hot--LOL! Have fun on date night and let us know how you liked the movie. I hope you get the water situation figured out. Stay cool!! :)

Cloudia said...

namaste! dance like no one's watchin!

Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral


> < } } ( ° >

< ° ) } } > <

Judi said...

Akannie - I agree! Wear the dress!

Petit fleur said...

Just popping over for a visit. Hope your date is fun!


Akannie said...

Oh, it was fun! And no, I didn't wear the dress, but after all your thoughtful remarks, I will next time! lol
It's Sunday morning, and the water got hooked up yesterday and the salsa got canned and it was hot,hot,hot! Weatherwise, and jalapeno wise. lol
The movie was great.

PS--I'm wearing the dress today!