Tuesday, July 5, 2011


  Canned chicken breast.

  It was an extremely busy weekend...for everyone, I'm sure. I've picked about 2 gallons of green beans, have lots of summer squash coming out of the garden and the tomatoes are looking a little rough. It rained twice this weekend and things are already so wet,....not boding well for this year's harvest...

  I spent way too much time away from home for my liking and cannot wait for Thursday to have some time off. The fireworks had the dogs scared to deathy and they wouldn't leave the house. Somehow, we only had one big poopie mess. A 4th of July miracle. There has been a lot of vomitig this year, mostloy outside. Too hot even for the dogs.

  I've spent my morning chatting with various sisters-in-law, coloring my hair, and [of course] vacuuming.  Have the mister's supper going right now and really need to run to the store, so I may not finish this til tonight.

 Thought I'd drop in though, as it's been a few days since I posted.

  Okay, I'm back. made a quick trip to the market for some cat food and bread, lol. Put some corn on to cook and the Irishman can have devilled eggs, corn on the cob,  and hamburger for his supper.

  My son stopped by Monday morning, terribly upset. He'd been to visit his grandmother in the nursing home and on the way there, on the road, someone had hit a small rabbit. It's back end was smashed flat and it was trying to pull itself across the road without much luck. He said it was keening and it broke his heart...so he went back and ran over it so it would die immediately.  THAT upset him to start off...he's a very tenderhearted (yet pragmatic) man.  Then when her got to the nursing home his grandma was lying in her bed unable to move and barely able to talk. She kept asking why she couldn't go home and he said she looked just awful. He held it together while he was there, he said, but when he got outside he fell apart, so he came over to talk about it. He was feeling very bad that he couldn't even stay there for an hour...but he just couldn't take it. We talked for about an hour, about things like euthanasia and the way we treat our older people in this culture, and alot about acceptance and what things we can change and what things we cannot. He headed home from here. I had to sit and think alot about it all too....and it's scary stuff, the older I get. Choices, decisions, and all that.

   We are so quick to put our beloved pets out of their misery, yet we stick our elderly frail parents in nursing homes to slowly die. Not trying to be judgemental about this. God knows, my parents didn't live to be old enough for me  to have to deal with this stuff.

   Ah....it's hot out there and the dogs are both in now.  Not as hot as it has been, but I suspect the heat index is up there due to the humidity.  Last night we sprayed the beans and squash with the voodoo juice (onion, garlic, dish soap, cayenne), and you can smell it when you walk out the back door. I had to buy a new sprayer on Sunday as our old one bit the dust. They're only about 11 bucks at Ace Hardware, and I think we had the last one for 5 years.

  Well, things to finsh up befrore I head out the door.

  Hope everyone had a safe and fun filled Independence Day. We are pretty blessed to be living in the good old USA....



Rita said...

Canned chicken is a little spooky looking--LOL! But I bet it will be good.

I've wondered, also, about how these days we can artificially keep people hanging onto life by a thread--sometimes for years. I've wondered if it's not a combination of people's fear of death & loss and our health care system making a ton of money.

That had to be hard to run over the rabbit, but I would have probably gone back and done that, too. How can you let it suffer like that, you know. Proud of him for doing the hard thing. It's nice that he knows he can come and talk to you. That's a blessing!

Hope you have a good week and it cools off and stays dry! Well, one can hope, right? ;)

Cloudia said...

life shows us our fragility as we get wiser and older. I appreciate today...and YOU!

Let's encourage each other, Sister

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral


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< ° ) } } > <

Andrew said...

All the very best to you and your Son. I am reminded of my Mother's long, lingering death. It was not pretty, but I know she would not have accepted euthanasia. Nor would I, at least that is how I feel today.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Thank you for the reminder and our lovely and amazing lives...

lvoe to you and stay cool